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Lauds Santa Cops program

December 18, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

In regards to the "Kids shop with cops" article: I have lived in Fort Dodge my whole life and have heard of the "Santa Cops" program while growing up. As I've grown older, and am now attending college, I can really understand and appreciate what this program does for the community. Cops often get a bad rap just for upholding the law, and, as a result, some children and teens are reluctant to call law enforcement when they are in need of assistance. By way of this program, not only are local children-in-need getting wonderful care shown to them, but also they assimilate these cops with good naturedness. This impression can be a lasting one, and, therefore, extend into their future; if these children ever encounter danger (hopefully not) they will be more comfortable relying on these men to perform their duties as cops. In summation, this is a very heartwarming story and a great program for the betterment of Fort Dodge and its children.

Colton Allbee

Fort Dodge



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