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FD middle school makes ‘monumental’ progress

Building project to employ performance-based commissioner

November 13, 2012
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Fort Dodge Community School District's new middle school is making "monumental" progress, according to Shane Albrecht, construction manager.

Following the city's acceptance of the name for its new road to the school, Dodger Drive, however, a problem arose that had to be resolved before the road could be handed over to the city.

"We ran into a little snag," Albrecht said. "Some dirt from the field went into the sewer pipes. They're working on it right now so it can be opened up."

There will be no additional costs to correct the problem.

Inside the building, skylights have been set in the teacher/team towers, Albrecht said. Above-ceiling inspections are being held in preparation of the second-floor ceilings.

"We're about halfway done," Albrecht said. "Hopefully, we can accomplish that yet this week, as far as inspections go."

Some "rough-ends" are being completed in area C (administration, cafeteria), as well as A and B (classrooms, library), the primary focus of the interior construction effort. Auditorium concrete was poured last week. Areas D, E and F still have "some remaining questions," Albrecht said.

"They're making good strides, good progress," he said. "The big push for things that are important to them are areas A, B and C right now."

The school board approved Monday employing a performance-based commissioner, SystemWorks LLC of Des Moines, at $34,600.

According to Corey Metzger, engineering consultant, the contract with RDG Planning & Design will be amended to hire a subcontractor to thoroughly test all the building's computerized systems and maximize its energy efficiency.

"We feel like we're in a good position to get that incorporated into the project," he said. "We think it's something that adds real value to the project."

The detailed inspection will test all the building's systems, including boilers, chillers, pumps, air systems, "all the BFDs," Metzger said, to make sure their responses are appropriate.

"It allows you to have not only a reliable system, but will give you a better operating system from an energy standpoint," he said. "It'll improve maintenance, indoor air quality, from a temperature standpoint."

Metzger said commissioned buildings perform 13 percent better, in general, in energy savings than non-commissioned buildings.

"I would estimate from personal experience, based on buildings I have designed that have similar systems to this building, they probably lost 25 percent of their potential energy savings," he said.

The difference is about $260,000 annual energy expenses with an inefficient system and about $130,000 with an efficient system, Metzger said. The contractor is responsible for rectifying any inadequacies.

"It'll be 48.6 percent better than code," he said. "We have the potential to have a great building."

Doug Van Zyl, FDCSD superintendent, said the cost will come from construction contingency funds and not general fund dollars.

"There's more than enough to cover that," he said.

The board approved the contract change unanimously.



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