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‘Vote ‘yes’ for all of Iowa’s judges’

November 4, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Thousands of Iowa citizens end up in court each year before a judge. Some file suit because they believe they have been wronged. Some are there because they are defending themselves against a legal claim. No matter how they end up in court, they want and deserve to know their case will be decided by a fair and impartial judge.

Imagine you are one of those citizens. Would you want to find out that the judge hearing your case received political donations from your opponent? Would you want to find out that the judge was more concerned about popular opinion than following the law? Would you want the judge to be intimidated by political threats? Would you want the judge to make a decision based upon his or her personal prejudices regarding things like race, religion, gender or disability?

We need judges who are fair to everyone and who are not subject to the influence of politics, money, religion, popular opinion or a special interest group. Current efforts to undermine Iowa's judicial system by voting off judges who have kept their oath to decide cases based on the facts and the law are wrong. They put Iowa's current system of fair and impartial courts at risk.

When you vote, be sure to turn your ballot over and vote "yes" for all of Iowa's judges and help insure that Iowa's courts remain fair for everyone.

Jerry L. Schnurr III

Fort Dodge



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