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Favors Christie Vilsack

October 8, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

The first small red sign I placed at our "T" intersection (580th Avenue and 150th Street) stood for a couple of weeks. One morning, it was gone.

Two new red signs, also promoting Christie Vilsack, were up at least four days. Uh-oh. Then three more red signs, which I intended to take in at night, lasted about five hours.

It was dark that evening before I remembered Vilsack might not be safe in my idyllic rural neighborhood. Our space has been invaded, of course. We've been robbed of something that demonstrates our freedom of expression. Bullied, yes.

Think about that when the billboard-sized name of King faces you at an intersection. No one will be digging up those goalposts.

King hopes to continue representing Iowa's 4th District with narrow viewpoints and embarrassing public statements. Vilsack will represent Iowans who are respectful of education and the real-life situations of others. She knows rural Iowa from childhood.

We need an Iowa woman in Congress to do what women have traditionally done to survive as families. They get together, communicate and try to solve problems. Sorry, gentlemen, but historically, when men get together, the outcome often involves competition, which can be fine but can also distort and destroy rather than solve anything. History keeps repeating itself.

Praise Vilsack's courage for entering the fray. Your ballot is an intersection. It is time to turn toward Christie Vilsack.

Carolyn Ahlstrom

Story City



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