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Urges support for Vilsack

October 2, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Rep. Steve King is running against Christie Vilsack to represent Iowa's 4th Congressional District. Rep. King has had no accomplishments during five terms in Congress. His main work has been as water boy for the far right.

Rep. King strikes me as a man who shows little regard for minorities, the poor, the disabled, women's rights, children's health care, early education programs and many other programs that reflect a caring and nurturing society which allows everyone the means to reach their own personal potential and become a strong contributor to this great nation.

Rep. King has a strong dislike of government. He thinks that government should not be involved in providing more nutritious and healthier food for school lunches. However, he does believe that government should be involved in controlling women's health care. Very involved!

Rep. King recently stated his support for Todd Akin. Akin is the candidate who has stated he has medical information which shows that a woman who is the victim of a "legitimate" rape will not become pregnant because of her "natural" bodily resistance. Therefore, there is no need for an abortion except for rape. Akin implies, that a woman who claims to have been raped and becomes pregnant, is lying and has not been a victim of a "legitimate" rape. This is a barbaric belief, which no intelligent person can accept.

Rep. King has stated that immigrants should be handled like a litter of puppies. He calls for culling out the ones that don't pass his test. Too bad voters of his previous district didn't have a test for him to pass.

Rep. King has supported military action in the Middle East and elsewhere. He wanted war with Iraq, which most people admit was a colossal mistake. Like Dick Cheney and others who want to send our young men and women to war, he exercised every action possible to successfully avoid military service during times of way.

We cannot allow Rep. King another term in Congress. Research his background, his statements on issues and his record in Congress. If you do these things, you will have no doubt that he should not be our representative. Support Christie Vilsack!

Joseph J. Jackson

Fort Dodge



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