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Karl King Band Scholarships awarded

April 22, 2012
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Messenger staff writer

Eleven high school seniors and college freshmen were honored at the Karl King Municipal Band's concert on April 15. The band presented its three scholarships for this year.

The students played solos in auditions earlier in the day, competing for one $1,000 scholarship to any Iowa college and two $500 scholarships to Iowa Central Community College.

Hanna Carr-Murphy, a freshmen at University of Northern Iowa, received the $1,000 scholarship with a piccolo solo by Vivaldi.

"I had to look for a piece, but I knew I wanted to do something on the piccolo," said Carr-Murphy, who also plays the flute. "I thought piccolo would set me apart from the others."

Carr-Murphy said she'd been working on the music since early February. She performed her winning solo in the concert.

The two students receiving $500 ICCC scholarships were Chris Keller, a senior from Manson Northwest Webster high school, and Hayley Walstrom, a senior at Fort Dodge Senior High.

They were also the only two who tried out for the scholarships. This meant Keller wasn't too worried about his audition.

"I wasn't at my best today," he admitted.

Keller said he was looking forward to playing with the band. He said he'd performed in numerous honor bands in the last couple years.

The students had to work hard to prepare their solos, said UNI freshman Dan Meier.

"It helped because I was working on this piece for my juries," he said. "I'd say depending on the piece you can spend anywhere from two weeks to two months."

Meier, a trumpet player, said the audition itself was pretty painless.

"The auditions were a lot quicker than I expected. I've done few other auditions like this," Meier said.

Humboldt Community School senior Allen Tierney said he was a little disappointed he hadn't won, but that he would try again.

"The person who won did a really good job, and she was in college, so this was her last chance to get it," Tierney said. "I'll have a chance again next year."

Director Jerrold Jimmerson said this group of applicants was higher than in other years.

Harlan Vanderberg, a trumpet player in the Karl King band, was one of the judges for the auditions. He said it was difficult to pick one winner out of a talented field like this.

"All three judges are directors; you know what these instruments are supposed to sound like."

He said a good piccolo piece needs to have "all the correct notes, all the correct dynamics, something you'd expect from a semi-professional player."

"It was an interesting solo," he added. "It had a lot of technical things, and a nice beautiful sound."

Paul Bloomquist, trombone player in the band and ICCC band instructor, said the solo was unusual because it was written for sopranino recorder.

"The piccolo was not invented when that was written," he said.

In the middle of the concert, all the applicants were invited onto the stage to play a march, "The Home Town Boy," with the full band.

"It gives them a taste of what it's like to play in a professional band," Vanderberg said.

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