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NSA’s power should worry us all

September 10, 2015 It appears the very agency accused of spying unconstitutionally on Americans now has the authority to stop anyone who objects. Two recent court rulings make that clear. In 2013, a U.S. more »»

The Fed should proceed carefully

September 9, 2015 Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fisher commented a few days ago that there is “a pretty strong case” for the Fed raising interest rates next month. more »»

Law enforcement officers deserve respect

September 8, 2015 Many in law enforcement feel under siege because of public protests in which violence directed at them is encouraged. more »»

America celebrates its workers

September 7, 2015 To most Americans in 21st-century America, Labor Day is not an important holiday. It marks the unofficial end of summe. more »»

Building tomorrow’s community leaders

September 6, 2015 Leadership Fort Dodge has an ambitious mission. It seeks to develop community leaders “who are informed, dynamic, qualified and motivated. more »»

School boards shape tomorrow

September 5, 2015 Voters here in Fort Dodge and elsewhere in Iowa go to the polls Tuesday to select school board members. Some voters may be tempted to regard these local contests as low priority. They aren’t. more »»

Dayton Rodeo fun starts today

September 4, 2015 The 2015 incarnation of the Dayton National Championship Rodeo will attract large crowds this Labor Day weekend — deservedly so. more »»

Mission accomplished? Not exactly

September 3, 2015 Get out those “Mission Accomplished” banners. Uncork the champagne. Deficit spending by the federal government this year will be at the lowest level of President Barack Obama’s administration. more »»

Congress should demand answers

September 1, 2015 Arodolo Roberto Castillo-Serrano should be sent to a U.S. prison for a long, long tim. more »»

HUD needs to rethink this policy

August 31, 2015 Perhaps you have done well during the past few years. When you got married, you and your spouse didn’t have two dimes to rub together. more »»

USDA partners with NASA

August 30, 2015 At first brush a partnership between the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration may sound like an odd pairing. more »»

This achievement deserves praise

August 29, 2015 Army Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver made history recently. They became the first women to make it through the Army’s rigorous Ranger training program. more »»

Planning for tomorrow is crucial

August 28, 2015 The local economy is booming. Fort Dodge and Webster County are poised to make the early decades of the 21st century a time of remarkable positive transition. more »»

This case underlines a key concept

August 27, 2015 An Ohio resident is lucky his stupidity cost him only $200, and not an arm. A certain percentage of idiots always have been part of the human race. more »»

Turkey has good reason to worry

August 26, 2015 President Barack Obama and his administration are giving America’s allies one more reason to distrust us. This month, the Pentagon revealed U.S. Patriot missiles are being withdrawn from Turkey. more »»

It’s time to get this memorial built

August 25, 2015 Frank Buckles is smiling. And, reunited in the hereafter with his fellow doughboys, he may well be telling them, “See, fellas! I told you they wouldn’t forget u. more »»

Schools are starting — drive safely

August 24, 2015 The fairs are over or soon will be. It won’t be that long before cooler weather becomes the norm rather than the exception — summer is drawing to a clos. more »»

Women play a vital role in agriculture

August 23, 2015 For as long as human beings have engaged in the assorted pursuits referred to collectively as agriculture, women have been key players in the success of those undertakings. more »»

She deserves the Medal of Freedom

August 22, 2015 American Kayla Mueller went to the Middle East because she wanted to help people. As a result, she was captured by Islamic State terrorists. more »»

Enthusiasm for Clinton is declining

August 21, 2015 Rumors recently that former Vice President Al Gore was considering another run for the White House said something about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy — and it was not good. more »»



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