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Dreams tell a story that can be understood

September 29, 2013 A lifetime ago, a co-worker sat beside me in our break room telling about her dream from the night before. We were in Oshkosh, Wis., a college town during the height of the New Age era. more »»

Spot of hidden treasures claims another victim

September 22, 2013 Deja vu all over again. That's what it is, no matter how much it bothers me. We all know I've got a spot in my house where things go to hide. New things bought as gifts. Old things saved. more »»

Playing with phone cord shows a bit of happy

September 15, 2013 Surprises surprise me. Clouds cloud my judgment on a sunny day. Do I need sunblock or go without? That's the question. I need an answer to answer such a question. more »»

List of tips may keep unsuspecting women safe

September 8, 2013 Any person who has email gets missives from friends without any personal chatter. It's more fun to get a personal note, but sometimes those missives are importan. more »»

Weekend full of surprises still a good weekend

September 1, 2013 So, I'm lying in bed and start to roll over when a cramp grabs my right leg and won't let go. more »»

Vacation ruins ability to stay up late, sleep late

August 25, 2013 I'm ruined. Two wonderful weeks with my daughter and friends in Colorado has taken away my ability to stay up late and sleep late. more »»

Getting life together takes hard-fought action

August 18, 2013 Oh, how I relate. In a TV commercial, a young woman is having her nails done when she notices someone eating potato chips. The other woman puts the chip package down to answer a phon. more »»

Vindication doesn’t make needle’s eye any bigger

August 11, 2013 Finally. Payoff time. Last week I used a large padded envelope, circa 1990, that's been stashed in my attic room for the duration. I needed it. I had it. I used it. more »»

Good memories take some of the sting from death

August 4, 2013 Death is a hard master. Forget about your own impending demise, just thinking about death brings on all kinds of thought. more »»

Vacations are meant to make great memories

July 28, 2013 Vacations are easier when you're not the one driving. Got back recently from five days in Wisconsin with family and friends. more »»

Life is all about surprises, dreams and goals

July 21, 2013 Surprises don't always make me happy. Like the time I drove over the Karl King Viaduct and just as I hit the road above the railroad track, a train whistle blew right below me. I nearly wet myself. more »»

Freedom Rock needs to be a community project

July 14, 2013 If man has even one passion in his life, he must consider himself blessed. more »»

Slow-pitch softball tourney in Vincent to help family

July 7, 2013 On Dad's final trip through Vincent, being hauled in the back of a hearse, the procession stopped for a train. Trains rarely stop traffic in Vincent. "It's fitting," Mom said. "He loved this ... more »»

So much to learn, so many ways to learn it

June 30, 2013 If you want a new experience, watch a plumber fix your toilet flushing thingy. My plumber is Brian. He doesn't mind sticking his hand inside the tank. more »»

Strange encounters would be fodder for writers’ group

June 23, 2013 Vicki Mashek Bailey grew up in Dodge, but lives in Oregon now. Occasionally she calls. Odd thing is, she almost always calls when I need a good laugh. more »»

Call for new word brings up fairy tale existence

June 16, 2013 Someone should make up a word that means happy and unhappy at the same time. Think about it. Think about the times your family comes home for vacation, then leaves again. more »»

Some ideas can help with the household chores

June 9, 2013 Friends are friends. Emails are emails. And friends with emails produce information you may never have thought of otherwise. more »»

Organization doesn’t make every plan work

May 26, 2013 You’ve got to know by now how much I hate shopping. For anything. Groceries included. But last Monday morning I sat at the kitchen table to make a list. more »»

Another Honor Flight welcomed home by crowd

May 19, 2013 Carol Heatherington is plain crazy. Oh, I said that wrong. It's plane crazy. She's part of that group of crazy people who jump out of airplanes. more »»

Class is in for a sentimental sunroom journey

May 12, 2013 At least two Fort Dodge women didn't need the annual Teacher Appreciation Day last Tuesday to look back at what a former teacher had meant to them. more »»



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