United Way campaign kicks off

The 2018-2019 United Way campaign has kicked off with a campaign theme of “Offering our Kids a Brighter Future.” This year’s goal is $425,000.

The 2018-2019 United Way campaign has kicked off with a campaign theme of “Offering our Kids a Brighter Future.” This year’s goal is $425,000.

National research by United Way of America shows 25 percent of the youths in our community live at or close to poverty and more than 50 percent of our youths are living in households that struggle to meet basic living expenses to pay for housing, utilities, food, clothing, and transportation. In fact, statistics indicate that one out of every six children in Webster County are food insecure, meaning they are periodically hungry and have no available food and are not getting proper nutrition.

United Way in Fort Dodge is focused on helping our youth thrive. We believe that every child deserves to have a life filled with hope and a legitimate chance to reach their full potential and break out of the cycle of poverty they inherited. The social problems and challenges that often accompany a child in poverty — such as substandard housing, hunger and poor nutrition, depression, lack of educational support, abuse, lack of parental nurturing, and lack of access — to proper health and mental health care can become overwhelming. It is very easy to see how these circumstances impact children and create for them a lack of hope for a better life and a brighter future.

Our United Way campaign is all about “community” because the funds come from caring citizens and are granted back to address community needs. The support provided by campaign funds is focused on helping our youths reach their full potential so they can grow and develop into healthy, productive, self-sufficient and successful citizens, employees, and parents. A big part of our community’s future will be determined by our commitment to our youths.

We hope you will strongly consider supporting this year’s United Way campaign. 100 percent of every dollar donated to United Way stays here in Fort Dodge and these dollars are used in ways that touch the lives of hundreds of local children.

To donate to United Way, checks can be made payable to United Way of Greater Fort Dodge and mailed to the our office at 24 N. Ninth St., Suite B, Fort Dodge, IA 50501.

Donations to United Way are used in ways that are changing lives and giving hope to our youths for a better and brighter future.

Mike Johnson is honorary campaign chair. Randy Kuhlman is United Way’s chief executive officer.


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