Strongly supports Meyer

To the Editor:

I strongly support Ann Meyer with my vote for Representative of District 9 on November 6th. Our 9th House District of Iowa is comprised of hard working, passionate voters who are looking for a leader to represent “all of us” in Des Moines. Ann will not be a “party line” Representative; rather she will represent Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike.

I have known Ann for over 18 years. She and her family have been members of our District for the duration of this time. Ann understands the issues that are important to our District and she is especially passionate about physical and mental health care, education, and the promotion of local business development.

Ann is not a career politician. She has been working hard every day to talk to the District 9 voters about all of the issues that are important to us.

There are two words that came to mind when I think of Ann: Integrity and Compassion. These qualities will serve us very well as she represents our District 9 next year.

The choice is obvious. Please join me by voting for Ann Meyer on November 6th.

Timothy J. Burns

Fort Dodge