Keep fireworks ordinance as is

To the editor:

“Thank you,” Mike Devine, for speaking at the Monday night City Council meeting. I am not able to attend . I am not speaking for all veterans, only myself. I am against further restriction of fireworks in the city of Fort Dodge.

Maybe our forefathers should have included fireworks with the “right to bear arms.” Could be they thought the pursuit of happiness would cover things like fireworks.

Seems strange some persons may publicly burn the U.S. flag and say it was in protest but people can not light fireworks in celebration of the U.S. birthday.

Yes, some combat/war veterans may be uncomfortable, maybe even distressed by the noise and explosions. But the veterans I know would not want someone to lose their right to the pursuit of happiness. Whether it is the Fourth of July or New Years.

I myself (not a war veteran) spent the weeks prior to the Fourth of July comforting my dog in the house with the windows shut, the TV slightly louder.

Please leave the ordinance alone.

Before this becomes like the yard waste/leaf-burning issue.

Jack C. Weiderholt

Fort Dodge