Backs Dan Zumbach

To the editor:

On June 5, 2018 the Primary Election will be held in Iowa. Specifically in the Republican primary there is a highly contested race for the nomination for our Republican candidate for Iowa’s secretary of agriculture. I’m writing today to shed a little light on that race.

One of the leading candidates for the nomination for Iowa’s secretary of agriculture is Sen. Dan Zumbach, a 40-year farmer from Ryan, Iowa, in Delaware County. His farm experience includes dairy, pork, beef and crop production.

It has been by pleasure to work as legislative clerk to Sen. Zumbach for the past three legislative sessions. My experience with him compels me to share this information with Iowans concerned with the future of agriculture in Iowa.

Sen. Zumbach (pronounced Zum – ba) has a passion for Iowa and our agricultural industry like many Iowans, however he is a true advocate for agriculture. While serving in the Iowa Senate he has spent the majority of his six years in office in a leadership role. He has served as the Senate Ag Committee Chairman the past two years prior to being the Ranking Member of the committee.

Sen. Zumbach was one of the authors of Senate File 512 which addresses Iowa’s Water Quality which the Governor signed into law in January. He is an advocate of everything ag-related.

It is through his leadership experience, his experiences in his own farming career and the many relationships he has with key leaders like Sen. Ernst, Sen. Grassley, Gov. Reynolds and Under Secretary Bill Northe,y which make him the best choice, in my opinion, as Iowa’s next secretary of agriculture.

As our secretary of agriculture, Dan will focus on educating all Iowans, rural and urban, of the importance of agriculture in our state. As a leader in agriculture he will continue to work with leaders, domestic and foreign, to ensure Iowa products are available through trade worldwide.

Please join me in supporting Sen. Dan Zumbach at the polls on June 5 or before if you vote an absentee ballot.

Theresa Hildreth

Rockwell City