Opposes Prestage facility

To the editor:

New jobs at the Prestage hog facility south of Eagle Grove will come at considerable cost to all of us. The slaughtering plant will be drawing one to 2 million gallons of water daily from the same source (Jordan Aquifer) that both Eagle Grove and Webster City depend on. Clean water is a precious commodity. Are we willing to risk the possibility of running out of clean drinking water? This is a huge concern.

Can our utilities absorb the increased usage of electricity, larger water processing plants, sewers, landfills, infrastructure, roads, and housing? We will need more teachers, more school buses and larger facilities to accommodate all the new children.

A study by General Electric says that less than 1 percent of water on our planet can be used for drinking. We can’t manufacture water. We have all the water we will ever have. We need to protect our precious resource.

Three Wright County supervisors made this decision for all of us. All of the communities impacted by this decision should have their voices heard.

Send your letters to the Wright County Board of Supervisors, Courthouse, 115 N. Main, Clarion, IA 50525. Or call them at 515-532-3262.

Joanne Pohlman

Webster City