Wants law enforced

To the editor:

The other day it was the first day of summer once again for all the people that are fortunate to be alive, to enjoy life to its fullest extent. Most people take life for granted, thinking life goes on forever. I am lucky to be in an elite club that still have good health, which is my wealth. I’m 87 now, and to show my appreciation I will try to put up my light display of Christmas once more, and that will be my 32nd year of bringing joy to tens of thousands of people. That’s what keeps me going.

Health is one thing, but preventable accidents are another. Nobody should die before his time, and obeying the laws that were written to protect lives would save may lives.

But there is one law, for some reason, that has never had one citation written up for any person in all the years it went into effect about 40 years ago.

That law, according to Capt. Ken Clary, is the pedestrian law. It reads that a person walking on or along a roadway must be on the left side facing traffic. The total fine for this offense is $93.75. That’s a lot of money, and I’m quite sure just a warning ticket would be good enough. There were 13 people killed two years ago. As far as I’m concerned, any officer of the law who reads this letter to the editor or has this knowledge and does nothing about it is neglecting his or her duty, and I would like to know why.

Even after the many letters to the editor about this subject I have written, I want to thank The Messenger for printing this numerous times in the last eight years. But with my age and no avail on this law, it will be my last time.

I would also like the opinion of bicyclists on whether the law should be enhanced so that all bikes must ride on the left side facing traffic, just like the pedestrian law. Then by doing that, you would always be facing traffic going up or down a slope or hill. If I recall, years ago three teachers on bikes were over the hill and got killed from behind near Algona. How many more? A law can be changed, but a life cannot. I’ll bring this up during the next Legislature.

Merlin L. Fort

Dakota City