Reserve unit for Fort Dodge police, Webster County Sheriff’s Office seeks members

Volunteers provide vital service to community

When the Fort Dodge Police Department and the Webster County Sheriff’s Office need some extra help, they have a unique resource to call upon.

Both agencies can utilize a joint reserve unit of fully trained volunteer law enforcement officers called Reserves. And while many communities have a law enforcement reserve unit of some type, the local outfit is the only one in Iowa that supports both a sheriff’s office and a city police department.

That means members wear either a police uniform or a deputy’s uniform, depending on the assignment.

Reservists must complete the same rigorous training that full-time police officers and deputies must undergo. They have to buy some of their own equipment. And once they’re trained and equipped, reservists face the same stresses and dangers that their paid counterparts experience on the job.

But for Reserve officers, the rewards are great.

”It’s rewarding to know I’m helping the community and supporting full-time officers,” Reserve member Brittni Nelson recently told The Messenger.

The Reserve unit consists of just seven members. Local law enforcement leaders want to bulk up the roster.

That means there is now an opportunity for people interested in law enforcement who want to serve their community. Perhaps joining the Reserves could be a steppingstone to a law enforcement career for someone.

Those wishing to join the reserves can find an application online at fortdodgeiowa.org/police. Once there, click on ”Employment” in the right side bar.

We encourage anyone who wants to serve their community in law enforcement to apply for a spot in the Reserve unit.


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