Joe Biden ponders a White House run

Vice President Joe Biden may know something the rest of us do not about investigations into Hillary Clinton’s behavior while she was secretary of state. Knowledge he does share with many others is that Clinton is not enjoying the unconditional support she had hoped for as a candidate for president.

That may represent an opening in Biden’s eyes. He is considering a run for president himself.

Though there are several candidates for the Democratic Party nomination who have received noticeable support only Clinton can be said to stand a real chance of winning. That could change, depending largely on probes into her illegal handling of government emails, as well as other questions about her behavior and character.

For a time, Biden was viewed by some as a serious challenger to Clinton. Her early popularity seemed to prompt him to step aside. But, again, Biden now senses an opening, a way to get back in the game.

What would voters get if Biden presented himself as a candidate for president?

Just this: A vice president who has done his duty as many of his predecessors did in supporting his president. That does not seem to have been difficult for Biden, who shares much of President Barack Obama’s ideology.

In other words, a Biden candidacy could develop into something many Americans have made clear they do not want – a continuation of Obama’s policies. If that is all Biden can offer, and it seems it is, he should stay out of the race.


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