Generous donation to fund animal shelter in Humboldt

HUMBOLDT – An unexpected generous donation will fund a new animal shelter building in Humboldt and help ease the minds of animal lovers in that community, according to Pat Hill, a member of the Humboldt Community Animal Shelter’s Board of Directors.

Hill said a donation of $250,000 will be given by Mary Moffitt to the Humboldt Community Animal Shelter.

The announcement was made official on Friday.

“The board is just ecstatic about it,” Hill said.

Moffitt owns farmland on the outskirts of Dakota City, but lives in California. She visits the Humboldt area every so often throughout the year.

“She just loves animals,” Hill said. “She’s kind of a big cat lover. She (Moffitt) brings her cat with her on the plane when she comes to Iowa.”

Humboldt City Administrator Travis Goedken, who is also a member of the Humboldt Community Animal Shelter board, said the donation helps put the board’s plans on track.

“We have been working for about a year on solutions,” Goedken said. “We have had our struggles, no doubt. To have this donation come forward makes things so much easier. Now we can focus on the operations.”

The animal shelter will be located in northwest Humboldt.

Gronbach Construction, of Humboldt, will be doing the work.

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