Wahkonsa evacuated

Fire contained to one apartment Sunday

Residents of the Wahkonsa Manor in downtown Fort Dodge were routed from their apartments Sunday night when a fire broke out on the fifth floor.

The blaze was confined to the kitchen of one apartment. No one was injured.

At least one resident of the building at 927 Central Ave. said no fire alarms went off.

”The hallway is full of smoke and no alarms went off,” said Yula Foy, who has lived in the building for two years.

She said she’s had to leave the building at 2 a.m. because of fire alarms that turned out to be false.

”Now there’s finally a fire and the alarm don’t work,” she said.

Although Yula Foy and her daughter, Presla Foy, both said the fire alarm didn’t go off, Fire Department Capt. Jeff Hill said the initial report was for a smoke detector sounding off in Apartment 504.

That apartment is on the fifth floor on the Central Avenue side of the building, located at Central Avenue and 10th Street. It is next to the apartment of Yula Foy.

The fire was reported just before 8:30 p.m.

Presla Foy said she came out of her mother’s apartment and saw smoke in the hall. She said the smoke was coming from Apartment 504.

She said she bent down and looked through the small space between the bottom of the door and the floor. She said she could see flames through that gap.

Presla Foy said she pulled a fire alarm, but nothing happened.

Yula Foy said it was very smoky in the hall and she could barely see.

Hill said firefighters pulled a 2 1/2 inch diameter hoseline to the fifth floor and broke open the door to the apartment. Inside, they found a fire in the kitchen.

The flames were extending from the top of the stove up into cabinets directly above the stove, according to Hill.

”They were able to knock the fire down quickly,” he said.

No one was in the apartment, Hill said.

Yula Foy said a man and his cat live in that apartment.

Hill said the apartment where the fire was cannot be occupied. All other residents of the building were able to return to their apartments.

The cause of the fire was apparently something being left on a hot stove, Hill said.

Firefighters and police were on scene for about an hour. Parts of Central Avenue and 10th Street were closed to traffic during the fire. Seven off-duty firefighters were called back to work.