Timeout with: Livi Huss

-Messenger photo by Britt Kudla Livi Huss of St. Edmond shoots over Iowa Falls-Alden during the first half on Friday



In a perfect world, Livi Huss would have been on the court for each and every game possible during her St. Edmond athletic career.

Huss, though, was forced to battle through several major injuries during both volleyball and basketball season, limiting her chances to compete.

As she prepares for the final half of her last basketball season with the Gaels, Huss has been able to reflect on the journey through the ups and downs.

“My battle with injuries have been long and painful,” Huss said. “I hate to sit on the bench, so that was super hard for me (while recovering). I’ve been battling my hip pain for a year-and-a-half now, and I guess it just makes me realize how important sports are to me (when I can’t play).”

Entering the season, Huss had scored 221 points, grabbed 140 rebounds and dished out 85 assists. Through seven games played this season, she is averaging six points and five rebounds per night.

“I’ve just told myself that this is the last of it and I need to make the most of it,” Huss said of her senior season. “I also told myself to do everything I can to be successful.”

St. Edmond returns to the court on Jan. 5 when they travel to Algona.

In the fall, Huss was able to compete alongside both of her cousins, Hannah and Josie. The Gaels advanced to a regional semifinal, winning 17 matches in all.

“I’ve been so incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to play with my cousins,” Huss said. “I’ve grown up playing with Hannah and it’s been a great journey with her by my side. It was also amazing to play volleyball with Josie.

“They have both given me reasons to love sports even more.”

Huss, who garnered third team all-North Central Conference honors on the volleyball court, set new school records for career assists (621) and single-season assists (230).

Along with her efforts on the basketball and volleyball courts, Huss also attended the Steubenville Conference, participated in local blood drives and was a high school helper.

After graduation, Huss plans to attend the University of Northern Iowa, majoring in Elementary Education.

Vacation destination:


People I would like to have dinner with: Alli Huss, Bruno Mars.

It would surprise people that I: love to paint.

My sports role model:

Alli Huss.

My everyday role model: my mom.

I can’t go a day without: music.

Nickname: Liv.

Superstition: wearing the same sports bra for every game.

Most heated rivalry:

Bishop Garrigan.

Favorite road trip: CYO to LeMars.

What are you listening to right now? What Ifs, by Kane Brown.


Team: Iowa Hawkeyes.

Class: Art.

Movie: Wonder.

Phone app: Twitter.

Book: Canterbury Tales.