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197 days ago.

Comments on opinions and current events.

I want to comment on the fact that the messenger has taken away the ability to comment on articles printed in the messenger. Seems to me they aretryng to stifle the truth as many times the messenger is very one sided and narrow minded. You need to restore our ability to comment.


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Well I find thr Messenger utterly BORING now, and rarely return to it throughout the day. plus...the editorials can spew all the anti Obama crap without being fact checked. I've already dropped my delivery of the hardcopy. It's not worth the price to read just the obits. Too bad messenger you cut off your nose to spite your face.

Posted 229 days ago.


I agree not being allowed to comment is ridiculous. The person who originally was in charge of it was irritated with some of the responses and yet failed to mediate what was being said. I looked into several other papers like the Register, Nonpareil, and the World Herald who all still maintain their comment section. It is unfortunate that they removed it but I am sure it was at the request of those whose secrets were being revealed.

Posted 234 days ago.


The EPA attack on the Ag business is another example of Obumble's wish to kill free enterprise.

Posted 254 days ago.

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