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Resolving for a new year

Local people discuss their takes on making a new years resolution

December 31, 2012
By JOE SUTTER, , Messenger News

Making a resolution at the start of the year is an age-old tradition. But that doesn't mean everyone makes them.

"I don't make resolutions too much, because it's too hard to keep them," said Dave Jensen, who was selling sports team memorabilia at the Crossroads Mall Sunday. "You just try to live a good clean life."

Jensen remembered one particular New Year's Eve that was quite special to him.

"About 37 years ago my son was born on January 1," he said. "So my wife was in labor on New Year's Eve. He was the first baby born in the tri-county area."

Ted and Becky Knutsen, who were shopping at the mall, said they also don't make resolutions.

"No, because I don't keep them," Ted Knutsen said.

"I like what our pastor said today," Becky Knutsen said. "It's not about making the huge overnight changes. It's the 10,000 other little choices you make every day - to be patient and kind, even if the situation doesn't seem to warrant that."

Becky Knutsen's favorite New Year's story stems from the Y2K bug, which some had said would cause havoc in all computerized systems on Jan. 1, 2000. They were spending the night with some family friends.

"You know how things were all supposed to shut down," she said. "We had a friend who went into the basement, and at midnight he flipped the breaker off.

"At first we were thinking, 'It really did happen.' Then we noticed the jokester among us was not among us."

Though the moment was over quickly, she said, "it was an odd feeling to think that it could be real."

Lindsay Hansch and Daniel Bartruff thought about their resolutions while enjoying a bite to eat together at Sneakers' Eatery and Pub in Fort Dodge.

"Mine is to get a little more healthy," said Bartruff.

"Same here," said Hansch.

Megan Springer had a similar idea.

"My 2013 resolution is 2,000 running miles," she said. "I'm going to count everything, events and training. I'm trying to pull my mom in too."

She said the goal was ambitious, but she knows she can do it.

"I run a lot," she said.

New Year's Eve was a fun family time when Springer was younger.

"When we were kids we used to get a hotel room. All the kids would hang out and swim," she said. "It was fun."

Kelsey Paschke still plans on making a resolution before the year is up.

"I haven't thought of any yet," she said.

Why bother?

"Because it's the new year," she said. "It's a new start of everything."

Justin Koster was confident he could meet his new year's resolution.

"Last year's resolution was to work every day, and I haven't missed a day of work this year," Koster said, as he worked behind the counter at the Crossroads Mall food court. "This year, my resolution is to work out every day."

It's a good chance to set goals "because the new year only comes once a year," Koster said. "I'm ready for it."

Haleina Knutsen had a different take.

"I set goals throughout the year," she said. "So New Year's isn't a time when I go 'Oh, I have to make a resolution.' If you just pick one time to make a resolution it doesn't mean anything to you, and if you're going to set a goal it should mean something."



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