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Reflections on Sandy Hook

December 21, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

I imagine a heaven for 20 kids where they are greeted by some passed-on classroom grandmas in red vests. Where the teacher has wings with golden star stickers and a dress with apples and pencils on it. Where every day is art class day and pizza boats for lunch. Markers never run dry and they all smell like strawberries. Crayons never break, pencils never need sharpened. Everyone gets the back seat on the bus. There's never recess inside, every day there is a valentine in your box and a zebra cake in your bag. Everyone is picked first. And every kid is at the front of the line. Every day is Friday and chocolate milk cartons never run dry. And some day mom and dad will be waiting to meet them at the pearly bus stop.

I think about that and I don't quite feel as bad.

Ryan Green

Fort Dodge



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