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All I want for Christmas

December 10, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

All I want for Christmas this year are Republicans with some backbone. We are being told that we are approaching a "fiscal cliff." Pardon me, but when a country is more than $16 trillion dollars in debt, I would say we have long passed the fiscal cliff. Republicans need to hold strong against increasing the tax rates. Mr. Obama says he just wants to go back to the tax rates we had under Bill Clinton. Fine, as long as we go back to the spending levels we had under Bill Clinton as well. You begin to understand the depth of this man's ignorance regarding economics when he tries to convince you the key to the 1990s was higher tax rates. He forgets to mention the tech boom. He also forgets to tell you that under a Republican House and Senate government spending, as a percentage of GDP, was cut by 17.5 percent between 1995-1999. He also forgets to mention the undeniable success of welfare reform, a concept that was part of the "Contract with America." Welfare roles plunged 60 percent in the 1990s and child poverty declined every year. Two million mothers entered the labor force. Mr. Obama also forgets to mention that those tax rates were not raised in the 1990s during economic times like we have now. They were raised because the economy was growing - as it had been for the previous 10 years.

But let's see if Republicans have any backbone. Mr. Obama and the liberals are saying "raise taxes now- cut spending later." Ronald Reagan was told that also. He raised taxes under the promise that the democrats would cut spending $3 for every $1 dollar in tax increases. The cuts never came and instead of $645 billion in cuts to spending - spending rose $177 billion. Bush I was promised $2 in cuts for every $1 in tax increases. Rates went up 3 percent and the spending cuts never happened. Spending rose $25 billion above pre-tax projections. Can it work a third time? Republicans need to stand for keeping the current rates. Eliminate waste, fraud and tax loopholes and you would have a good start to increasing revenue. Look for duplicate government programs and eliminate them. There are many ways to increase revenue without pitting the American people against each other based on income.

Wade P. Wubben




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