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Unhappy with today’s GOP

November 3, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Today's Republican Party is not the same party I was active in 30 years ago. The religious far right now controls it 99.9 percent. During the last couple of primaries they have eliminated all their moderate Republican politicians. As voters you need to look at what is in the party platform. Today's Republican Party's goal is to elect presidents and governors to select Supreme Court judges that will take away women's rights and discriminate against gays. The religious far right does not believe in separation of church and state. They want more taxpayers' money to go to religious institutions. I believe all should be able to worship what they want to believe if it doesn't interfere with other people's rights. The Republican religious far right want to make their beliefs law so the rest of us have to do as they believe.

The worst thing Iowans have done is vote out Supreme Court judges who did what the Iowa Constitution told them to do, which is a push by the religious far right. They also want "tax-free churches" to tell people how to vote from the pulpit.

Records show this Republican Party is no more fiscally conservative than the Democratic Party - just socially conservative. The record showed at the end of Clinton's time in office there was no deficit. Bush deficit spent both wars; during good times. The debt really jumped up when they gave the rich the lowest tax rate in years. Obama inherited that debt with a very deep recession. Both parties have spent money to help end the recessions. Two years ago the U.S. House Republicans were quoted as saying, "we don't want to see the recession get better so Obama is re-elected."

The economic books say no deep recession ends quickly. Recessions take years to make all the economic adjustments. Presently the rich are getting many times richer while the middle class and the poor are falling behind. Obama had kept us out of war and has made it better today than it was four years ago. Countries around the world do respect the U.S. more during the Obama administration.

Richard Naeve




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