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Save our republic

October 29, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Not in all my lifetime has there been a more important vote to save our republic than Nov. 6.

I've always voted for whom I thought our nation needed to lead our presidency. I've seriously thought about every decision Obama has made and the only one I can think of was allowing our Navy Seals to perform the task of taking out Bin Laden. Every other decision he's made has been because of a lack of experience and judgment.

His plan to stimulate our economy mostly went to save government jobs, pensions and green industries like Solyndra. ($500 million in taxpayers money, which was a total loss). His commitment to create 4 million jobs is laughable. We've lost the same number. Also ObamaCare has been turned down by a majority of U.S. citizens as well as a number of doctors, hospitals, and other care givers. It is estimated that our individuals taxes will go up by $2,000 per year to pay for this government-imposed tax.

For a president to claim there will be no additional taxes on the middle class working man during his term is a downright falsehood. Also, his socialist philosophy of spreading the income by taking it away from the rich and giving it to the poor is totally against every long established belief in free enterprise, which built our nation and indeed the individual incentive we cherish.

Probably the most wrongly stated position Obama has ever spoken was to give credit to community projects as the main reason for American success, instead of all the individual entrepreneurs who founded their companies and invested their own money to build their products.

Committees and countries didn't do that, individuals believing in our free enterprise system accomplished that.

President Obama's handling of the Benghazi situation not only has cost the lives of our ambassador and three other men, but has brought America down in prestige, trustworthiness and support with other nations for our ongoing fight against al-Qaida and their determined purpose to destroy America, Israel and all other Christians and our freedom loving citizens other than Muslims.

Finally, America has an opportunity to save our republic, our free enterprise way of life and our individual opportunity getting the government out of our hair by voting Obama out of office and electing Romney and a majority of Republicans and independents to the Congress.

John Dodgen




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