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Webster Co. sups hear buyout appeal requests

Appeals reconsidered after initial vote to decline

October 24, 2012
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The Webster County Board of Supervisors heard appeals from the owners of three properties set to be purchased as part of a federal buyout program following floods in 2010 and 2011 Tuesday morning.

The board reconsidered the appeals, which they had declined at their Oct. 16 meeting, at their regular meeting Tuesday.

The properties, located at 2009 Nathan Blvd., 2197 160th St. and 2221 160th St. will be purchased by the Webster County Buyout through funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a Community Development Block Grant. Property owners had the opportunity to appeal the purchase amounts of their properties following offers made by Webster County.

"We used the assessed value of the properties as a basis," said board Chairman Bob Singer. "The procedure was set that they can go through the appeal process if an appraisal is made."

Joe Gilbert, owner of the property at 2009 Nathan Blvd. said his property experienced flooding three times between 2007 and 2010. The home underwent extensive renovations and upgrades following the first two floods.

"We had the home gutted and rewired," Gilbert said. "Everything was upgraded. Our goal wasn't to sell. We had planned to stay there forever."

Gilbert said the original buyout offer of $80,358.93 did not cover the full value of the property, which was completely remodeled at the time of the most recent flood.

"I believe the resale value was much higher," Gilbert said. "All of the rooms had newer electrical hook-ups, it had a re-done kitchen, new landscaping, we added onto the garage, expanded the rooms had tiled the floors. And the first flood wasn't covered by insurance."

Most of the home's upgrades were completed in 2008 and 2009, Gilbert said.

"We had really made the home nice, we thought the appraisal was short," he said.

The board accepted Gilbert's appeal and granted Gilbert's request for a buyout of $105,488.93 after flood insurance payments.

Pat McCarville, representing Rojohn Home Improvement, the contractor which renovated the property at 2197 160th St., spoke on behalf of the homeowner, Mildred Netland.

"The had a house fire in 2009 and we did over $100,000 in work," said McCarville. "A lot of the proceeds for the updates were covered by the insurance company after the fire. It had all new floor coverings, paint, tile, new showers all on one floor. We did more than what was estimated in the fire damage."

Netland appealed the original land only purchase offer of $20,270 after insurance. The new amount of $44,000 for land and structure after insurance was accepted.

Mick Flaherty, owner of the property at 2221 160th Street appealed the buyout offer of $164,210 for his property for a request $182,000 after insurance.

"In 1992 the home was listed at $165,000," said Flaherty. "And certainly real estate values have gone up since then. We had it appraised at $173,000 in 1996."

Flaherty said the home had been renovated following floods that occurred in 2010.

"We had $24,147 in carpet replaced in the first flood," he said. "We added a fireplace, in 2011. We had to put in new furnaces and a water heater. Had to make the baths handicap accessible. Lots has changed since we bought the home in 1992."

The board also approved Flaherty's appeal for $182,000 after insurance coverage.

"I think we had some confusion about the market value and assessed values of the properties," said Supervisor Keith Dencklau.



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