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Wants to let Obama go

October 22, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

There are those that say Bush's two unfunded wars are to blame for the $6 trillion of debt we have after Obama's four years in office. In January 2009 Obama became commander in chief. He could have ended both wars in a matter of months. In Obama's first two years, Democrats controlled the Senate and House. They could have cut off funding for those two wars. Obama's deficit is because of the 23 million unemployed/underemployed, because of a failed stimulus plan, because of failed energy programs (remember Solyndra and the $500 million left for us the taxpayers to pick up) and simply just out-of-control spending - which he has said he doesn't plan to change if he is re-elected.

There has been much in the news about the "war on women." Women's rights will be protected. Roe vs. Wade, being an opinion of the Supreme Court, will not be changed. Planned Parenthood will most likely continue to exist. Women will continue to have access to contraception - read your insurance policy to determine what coverage you do and don't have. Contraceptives can be purchased for about $10 per month. The Democrats offered Sandra Fluke as the spokesperson for a woman's right to contraception. She attends Georgetown University Law School where the tuition and fees are in excess of $50,000 a year, not counting housing and living expenses. She doesn't need us (the government) to purchase them for her. Most people want to be independent and take care of themselves - unless they have had some bad luck and do need temporary help from the government. We are a compassionate people and do want to help those who can't help themselves.

If you vote for Obama while your neighbors remain unemployed, while your children and grandchildren are saddled with $6 trillion-plus increase in national debt (which is $50,000 per person), while individuals and businesses struggle to understand what will be the true cost of Obamacare, while millions come into our country illegally (some who are criminals), while gas prices remain high, while a family's median income has declined our future will not be very bright. Much of this is because of Obama's failed policies and programs. Since he hasn't gotten the job done in four years, we've got to let him go.

Cindy Peterson

Fort Dodge



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