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A drop we’ll deserve

October 20, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Conservatives decry the "fiscal cliff." Liberals only seem worried about losing power. Nobody tells the truth of why we are speeding downhill toward disaster.

It is because we pay people to produce nothing of "real" value.

We elect 537 people to produce nothing; they hire millions to lord over us and regulate millions in sports, health care, education and entertainment, all producing nothing; the speculators have created a whole virtual world, where they gamble on ether, producing nothing; and, worst of all, U.S. Department of Agriculture gives wealthy landholders CRP payments to produce nothing on millions of acres of our best annually renewable wealth-creating resource.

Nitwit congressmen, who created this welfare for wealthy landholders, irreparably, damaged every American's pocketbook, every year, since 1954. Every dollar of new wealth harvested on our farms turns into $7, growing throughout our economy; each dollar we fail to produce is $7 we'll never recoup.

We all pay higher taxes, food, fuel and housing prices, suffer "boom and bust" cycles, and are poorer, for this bad policy of paying people not to produce.

Every recession we've had was preceded by a "bubble" in market values, every depression by one in ag land, then, usually, triggered by a dry year.

High grain prices bankrupt livestock feeders, inflating food and energy prices, squelching growth, and economies collapse.

With these artificially-high land and grain prices, we are racing toward our "greatest" depression.

We must stop CRP, now, in this Farm Bill, and return to feeding a hungry world.

Larry M. Aden




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