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Sups discuss flood buyout appeals

All but three affected land owners accept offers from Webster Co.

October 17, 2012
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The Webster County Board of Supervisors reviewed appeal statements from three property owners affected by a flood buyout program for damaged areas in rural Webster County during their regular meeting Tuesday morning.

The board has received appeals from property owners at 2009 Nathan Blvd., 2197 160th St. and 2221 160th St. as to whether they received a fair market value for their properties.

Carissa Miller, a planner with the MIDAS Council of Governments said each property owner who took a buyout could appeal the purchase offers they received.

"All but three of the property owners have accepted the offers," said Miller. "The Board of Supervisors can accept or reject the appeals."

Miller said the buyout prices of the property were based upon the 2010 fair market value assessments of the homes.

If the buyout requests were within in the remainder of the $1.5 million buyout budget, the board had the option of accepting the appeals and paying the amounts requested by the property owners.

"It is up to the county what is in the budget, but some homeowners dropped out of the program so you do have some funding left in your budget," said Miller.

Property owners had the option of having their homes appraised by one of three appraisers approved by the county before submitting an appeal.

"We gave them the opportunity to have the appraisals done so we need to make decisions," said Supervisor Keith Dencklau.

The board denied the appeals to increase the buyouts based on 2010 values and not the values at the time when the properties were flooded.

"We stated from the get-go what the evaluations were based on," said Supervisor Clark Fletcher.

Once the properties are purchased, they become property of Webster County. The homes will be demolished and no structures can be built on the land once it is bought out, Miller said.



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