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Urges everyone to vote

October 15, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

It is just a few more weeks until we elect the president for the next four years. It is everyone's right to be involved in the process, so I urge you all to vote.

I have been involved in the political process for over 60 years and I cannot get over the amount of money that has been spent by the candidates from both parties at all levels. I think that it is time for term limits, and cap the amount that a candidate may spend. The campaigning should not start until after the primaries in June.

All religions, faiths, denominations and even non-believers are provided the same right to vote as they see fit. I know that there are issues that go contrary to some people's beliefs. Both parties' platforms do not please everyone. Pick the platform that does the most good for the majority of the people, yet protects the rights of the minorities. If one platform or the other has an issue that you don't agree with, but the rest of the platform is great. Please do not vote against the candidate for that single issue, for that is like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

I am an 82-year-old male, father of eight children, have a great wife, and a few friends. I was a blue collar worker, that learned my trade well, and through hard work, I was able to attain the American dream. My work days were ended early, because of asbestos exposure. Yet, I was able to build a house at Lake Cornelia, where we lived because the family preferred it to city life. While we had the privilege of using God's lake, I did my best to improve his lake for posterity. I was able to raise my family with some dignity, was able to hold my head high, and was proud to fly the American flag in front of my house wherever I lived.

I have supported the Democrat philosophy, because it seemed to be the most supportive of workers' rights, rights of minorities, and willingness to help the less privileged. I do not deny man's right to pursue wealth, but I feel that the tax structure is slanted in his direction. The opposition party hales the top-down theory. However, the trickle down theory does not seem to help the blue collar worker or those that are trying to attain the middle case strata.

Jimmie O. Johnson




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