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Fans disappoint

September 13, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

I have been going to Dodger football games for nearly 20 years. They hold more meaning now since my nephew and kids I have watched grow up also play for the Dodgers. I have a love for football and this team.

However, I have been disappointed the last two years. Every week I watch my nephew and his fellow team mates work extremely hard, with practice and early morning weight room sessions. Then at game time I feel they are all let down. By everyone.

Our first home game and the crowd should have been their feet the whole time. Unfortunately it is more of a social hour for the fans. people spend more time talking than watching the game. My heart goes out to these boys as the fans lose interest.

The boys on the side lines were looking to the crowd to lift them up, raising their hands in the air trying to get the fans involved. It fell on deaf ears.

Next we went to Sioux City East. The atmosphere of this game, entire stadium, was completely different. the fans were involved the entire game. The halftime band was lively and fun. The announcer even got the crowd involved, even trying to get the visitors pumped up.

Through out the game it got worse. our kids were out played. we had kids limping around the field. plays being run over and over, back to back. Kids playing offense and defense, they were exhausted by halftime. ...

I feel our kids deserve better. It has to start with the athletic program and the people that represent the school. It also falls on us, the parents, family, friends, the fans. These kids deserve all of our school spirit, to lift them up when they are down, not just when they are scoring.

Mandy Dencklau

Fort Dodge



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