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United States led the way

August 14, 2012
Messenger News

When representatives from throughout the world gathered this summer for an international conference on HIV and AIDS, a spirit of optimism prevailed. That is because many researchers believe the world may be on the brink of reversing the spread of AIDS.

If so, much of the credit will go to Americans - and to former President George W. Bush.

Although the United States for many years before Bush's presidency had supported AIDS-HIV research, it was his concern about victims of the disease, many in Africa, that boosted U.S. participation in the fight. Bush asked for and got from Congress hundreds of millions of dollars to provide AIDS-HIV victims with medicine.

As a result, many who otherwise would have died survived. The campaign Bush spearheaded, supported by compassionate Americans of all political persuasions, made an enormous difference.

This country's work continues to save lives, possibly by the millions - and that is something worth celebrating.



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