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Biden attempts to mislead

May 5, 2012
Messenger News

Would that Vice President Joe Biden were telling the truth. He isn't, however, and he knows it.

During an interview, Biden accused Republicans in Congress of blocking progress in alternative energy such as wind and solar power. "They're emasculating all the efforts to deal with renewable energy," Biden claimed.

"Green" technology will be a key to President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, Biden added. More investment in alternatives is necessary, he maintained.

Again, it would be nice if conservatives of both parties in Congress were as effective as Biden charges in holding down federal spending for "alternatives." But any restraint they may be able to force on the White House amounts to no more than raising an umbrella to ward off a hurricane.

During the Obama administration, billions of dollars have been spent on renewables and energy conservation campaigns. The infamous "Recovery Act" alone allotted more than $16 billion for the purpose.

Need we remind Biden of boondoggles such as the $500 million poured into Solyndra, the California solar power company? As has been pointed out, that loss alone amounted to about twice what Obama wants to spend on all research involving fossil fuels.

Biden isn't being candid. He is attempting to smear anyone who questions Obama's massively wasteful, counterproductive energy policy.

Like the little boy who cried "wolf," however, Biden has lost all credibility with Americans.



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