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What would you do with an extra day?

Leap year inspires folks to ponder the question

February 26, 2012
By JOE SUTTER, Messenger staff writer , Messenger News

There's an extra day in this week.

Of course, it won't actually affect us much. Even though Feb. 29 is an extra day added to the year, for most of us it's just another Wednesday. The week is still an ordinary seven days.

But what if you did get an extra day in the week? What if there was an extra day when you didn't have to go to work, when you could set aside your responsibilities, when you could go anywhere or do anything?

Many people would use the opportunity to simply relax. In fact, in a small survey conducted locally, 9 out of 21 people said they would just stay home and sleep, or play games.

"I'd probably stay home and watch TV and play my Nintendo DS," said Adeline Neavin, 8, who was visiting the Fort Dodge Public Library.

"I'd probably sleep all day," said Kaitlynn Lee, a 10th-grader shopping at Crossroads Mall.

"After coming off the Meridians' show, and now working on the King band, having an extra day to wind down and prepare for the upcoming events would be really helpful," said Jerrold Jimmerson, director of the Manson Meridian Singers and the Karl L. King Municipal Band in Fort Dodge.

Of course, with a whole day to fill there are many ways to relax.

"I'd take a luxury day - do a spa day, have a massage and all that," said Kim Worden of Willy Mo's bar and grill.

"I would spend the day reading, unless it was nice out. Then I would read and take the dog out for an extra walk," said Rita Schmidt, assistant director at the Fort Dodge Library.

"I'd go on a little road trip, down to some jazzy restaurant, and get fancy desserts," said Jackie Nemo, who was dining at the Crossroads Mall food court. "I don't ask for much, but that would be nice."

Cecelia Birkett, her dining partner, agreed. "I'd probably go somewhere and spend the day with a friend, eat out somewhere nice."

"If I had an extra day, I'd do my taxes," said Kevin Kelleher, of Fort Dodge. "If there was time left, I'd read a book - preferably a really useless one, like a good fantasy novel."

Others had a more specific goal.

Jesse Bode, working at FYE in the Crossroads Mall, said he would stay home and paint all day.

Mackenzie Lee, another mallgoer, said she would go shopping in Des Moines.

At Sneakers Eatery and Pub, Linsey Vote said she would fish, if it was nice.

Back at FYE, Bert Peterson said he would probably go to work, but he'd want to be paid double. "Since it's an extra day, I'd expect extra pay," Peterson said.

Laura Stover, Christian Educator at First Presbyterian Church said she would not spend an extra day resting.

"I would pack it so full," she said. "I would travel to Alta to pick up my mother, and we would go to Hawarden where my newly married daughter lives. ...We'd help decorate her new house, and probably go shopping and go for a movie, and if we had time the last most favorite thing we would do is read a good book."

Most people seemed to agree that an extra day would be very appreciated.

"I'd hang out with friends," said Jake Luna, a 10th-grader visiting the Crossroads Mall. "Do something you've never gotten to do."

And at Sneakers Pub, Brock Fuller and Mylina Claus both said, "I would do whatever felt right, whatever I wanted to do. Who gets to do that ever?"

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