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The faceless organization

November 26, 2011
Messenger News

To the editor:

Anonymous. The group that isn't a group. The organization that isn't organized. They have entered the news full-force, and they show no sign of stopping. But why? Why are they suddenly acting so swiftly? Could it be because they have become fed up with the government and, instead of occupying the streets, are attacking online? Or it could be because Nov. 5 was Guy Fawkes Day, and because of the movie "V for Vendetta," a Guy Fawkes mask, a symbol used in the movie, became an online symbol for anti-government regulation.

Whatever the reason is, Anonymous is quickly becoming relevant. With supposed plans to target Mexico, the Muslim Brotherhood party in Egypt and the Iowa caucuses, this group's plan is to apparently eliminate corruption. I'm using "apparently" and "supposed" because Anonymous has no set members, leaders, or plans, as it claims to not be an organization.

The motto of the non-group is "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." But while their motto and image brings images of men in black suits in your mind, they are actually an Internet-based group, and the members are average people on computers. Another video apparently released by Anonymous lists its possible members as homeless people, neighbors, kids, friends, politicians, and anyone else, ever. They truly are a faceless group, claiming no leaders or representatives, having no set meeting place, and having no spokesperson. What they do have, however, is a mission, and that is to stop corruption in all things, using their main weapon, a computer. While they do attack websites and hack accounts, they are not part of Lulzsec, which took credit for a number of large-business attacks earlier this year.

We shouldn't have to fear Anonymous, however.

Their recent videos state they are targeting corruption, and as long as we don't betray the trust of others, they won't harm us.

They may appear to be anti-corporation, but they want what we want: no lies, no fear and no corruption.

They just happen to go about their business differently, and say what we might be afraid to say. They aren't a terrorist group, not anarchist, nor a force of evil. They are the modern-day demonstrator, if you will. They are acting as a much-needed watchdog in government, proving that as long as one has a voice, they can make a difference.

Caleb Knouf

Rockwell City



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