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Pondering the things that keep you awake at night

October 23, 2011
By SANDY MICKELSON, For The Messenger , Messenger News

My brain must be slowing down.

Usually if I wake at night, I keep my eyes closed trying to guess what time it is - you know, to train my mind to tell time without a clock - but Monday night every time I tried, I was way off. I mean way off. I never have trouble sleeping. I can put my head down on the table in the middle of dinner and fall asleep within 30 seconds. But Monday night I woke probably 10 times in three hours.

No, I wasn't having trouble breathing - good air flow. I wasn't upset about anything, so no stress.

OK, so maybe I am concerned about stuff. I've been working on stories for the Veterans Day tab, and for some reason I'm scared I can't do them correctly. Scared I can't get them done. Scared I won't find the right words. That's a creepy place to be for any writer.

Then, while I'm worrying about that, I move my leg just a little and get such a charlie horse I almost scream. The other day while I was writing a story, I got such a cramp in my middle finger on my left hand I wanted to cut the dang thing off to get rid of the hurt. And no, I don't use that finger too much. I wave with my whole hand.

Oh, stop whining, Sandy. I'll just have to find that key my grandma Frieda always used to wind me up when she thought I was too slow. I'll stick it in my ear and wind away, then I'll let you know how well I sleep. Or how much I get done in the daylight.

When the paranoia really steps in during these sleepless nights, I start worrying about all the noises I hear. You've got to wonder how one house can make so much noise at night. It's newer than I am; it shouldn't have so many creaks.

Once, a while back, the fire alarm bleeped. Don't think that didn't send me right off the bed. It's fall; I've got to remember to change the battery. That's what firefighters tell you. Change your battery in the fall. Or is it the spring? Rats, I can't remember. I just remember it needs to be changed once a year.

And the battery in the thermostat needs changing, except I can't figure out how to open the cover to change it. Just pray the weather doesn't get too cold before I get that changed.

Hey, I just figured this out. A week or so ago, I was flying high, and everything was going well. You know good won't last. I've cycled. I'm at low ebb. If I can just get back to sleep and quit worrying, I'll cycle again.

I'm just glad I don't have an air freshener plugged in or leave my hair dryer plugged in. And I always unplug my toaster. All those things have been known to start house fires. At least I don't have to worry about that.

As a long-standing paranoid, I don't even leave the toilet seat cover up. You don't want toilet water mist spreading throughout the bathroom.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.



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