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Suspect’s bond to remain at $1 million

Judge announces Richter-Roberts decision one week after hearing

August 17, 2011
By PETER KASPARI - Messenger staff writer , Messenger News

SAC CITY - One week after Judge Gary McMinimee stated he would decide whether or not to lower the bond of Tracey Richter-Roberts, he announced that the murder suspect will be held on $1 million bond.

However, McMinimee added that requiring Richter-Roberts to post $1 million in cash was too excessive, and changed the conditions to state her bail is now at cash or surety. This means, in order to be released, Richter-Roberts must post a certain percentage of her bail in order to be released.

The decision came Tuesday morning, exactly one week after a bond hearing was held with no decision from McMinimee.

According to the official decision, "based on the minimal financial information the Court has regarding the Defendant and the fact that a $1,000,000 bond is not atypical in murder cases, this Court concludes that a $1,000,000 bond is appropriate."

In addition to changing the bond to cash or surety, McMinimee also agreed with several points the prosecution made, specifically in regards to witnesses.

"There is evidence that the Defendant has made threats in the past that justify the State's concerns," McMinimee wrote in his decision. "If Defendant posts bond she should be released, with services, to the Second Judicial Department of Correctional Services, with the requirement that she live in and be restricted to her parents' Rembrandt home except to meet with her pretrial release supervisor, and the requirement that she be electronically monitored."

Richter-Roberts and her attorney, Karmen Anderson, had tried to get her bond lowered to $100,000, saying that she would not be a flight risk if she were released.

"Ms. Roberts has been aware of the investigation, and has cooperated with authorities," Anderson said during last week's bond review. "She has never attempted to hide, and has fully cooperated over the past 10 years."

In his decision, McMinimee wrote "until her arrest, there was a reasonable chance that she would not be charged and she clearly has the ability to flee the state.

"She has lived in several states and has traveled abroad numerous times and has contacts in several countries," the decision went on to say. "She has demonstrated the ability to create aliases and it appears she has benefited from the use of those aliases when it has suited her."

Sac County Attorney Ben Smith said he had "mixed feelings" about the decision.

"We made our arguments and they made theirs," Smith said. "Obviously it's not what we asked for, but it is the judge's decision."

Richter-Roberts is accused of killing 20-year-old Dustin Wehde at her Early home in December 2001. She said that she shot Wehde in self-defense after he attempted to commit a home invasion robbery. She was charged with the crime in late July.

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