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Scam artists, annoying snail mail need to be stopped

July 17, 2011
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer , Messenger News

Being gone for a while mellowed my mind, but it took me no time at all to grab my soapbox once I got back to work.

An email did it.

An email came in from a Col. Brian Dennison Kent, a U.S. military officer serving in the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq. Wondering why a colonel would be contacting me for anything, I read the whole thing. Usually I fluff over these emails.

It's just another scam from some insidiously dishonest person who saw "Three Kings" with George Clooney once too often. In that movie, four soldiers in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War set out to steal gold that had been stolen from Kuwait, but they discovered people who desperately needed their help.

This colonel wrote: "I have an urgent need for assistance which is why I am contacting you through this medium. ... make up your mind to help me move the money involved out of Iraq. In 2003, my men and I found over $700 million in Saddam Hussein's hideout in Baghdad, we sent some back to the Iraq government after counting it in a classified location, but we also kept some behind for ourselves. I just need someone I can trust because I lost a box of gold to someone that said he will help me, I won't like to make the same mistake."

This is the kind of thing that makes me nuts. He's using the American penchant for the military who are serving the country to work a scam. I'd love to write back and tell him to get a job and stop this stupidity, but if all he wants is a response, I'd be playing right into his hands.

I cannot understand the mentality of people who do this. As my daughter would say when she's angry, "Oh, I'd like to punch him right in the face."

I'm also seriously considering a virtual punch to companies that continually send advertising come-ons to my mother. They want to "offer" her the best of the new in a way she just can't refuse.

She doesn't care that they send this trash - well, she wouldn't, she's been dead for six years - but it annoys me. And it annoys me because every time this kind of crap comes to my mailbox, it's paid for out of that company's advertising budget, and to fill the necessary coffers, they just increase the cost of whatever it is they're selling.

So, in the long run, it not only annoys me, it costs me.

Maybe I should get the "honorable" Col. Brian Dennison Kent in Iraq in touch with the marketing department of the companies that carpet mail their offers to dead people. Maybe then Kent can find himself someone to move his found money out of Iraq.

Shoot, nobody could see dead people moving the money. Unless it was Haley Joel Osment.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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