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Urges a medical savings plan

June 27, 2011
Messenger News

To the editor:

As a Christian nation, we have adopted the position in America that any of our citizens should receive medical attention whether they have health insurance or not.

At the present time, hospitals and medical professionals absorb this cost and pass it on to other patients who have insurance. That's why our insurance is so costly.

The problem is so huge that the only organization that can solve it is our government. We need to establish a health care plan similar to our Social Security. The government should take a small percentage out of each paycheck (perhaps 5 percent) in addition to the approximate 2 percent that is already taken out for Medicare and Medicaid through the Social Security plan and establish a small increase in the prepay fund which could be drawn against when needed. In essence this would be a prepaid plan just like Social Security.

Under this system, health care costs would be adequately covered by a small percent of our life earnings on a pre-pay basis with employer matching funds. No other employer health insurance would be required. There would be a general fund that would always be available for health care and no hospital or doctor would have to absorb the costs. Every working person would be covered. This plan would also require the self-employed to pay into this fund just like Social Security.

This plan is not socialized medicine or Obamacare. No one is forced to buy insurance, they are just prepaying a small percentage of their paycheck with matching employer funds to be used when medical treatment is ever needed. Medical practice would not be regulated by the government. Those citizens unemployed, spouses of the employed, babies, and the perpetual poor would be covered by Medicare or Medicaid as they now exist, but at a much reduced drain on the present system.

The enactment of this system would keep Medicare from going bankrupt in the foreseeable future as well as help stop the addition to our national debt. The average median income in America is $40,000 per year. An estimate of 200 million in our nation work, if you take 10 percent (5 percent employee, 5 percent employer) times just the median income of $40,000 dollars, it comes to $800 billion per year which more than covers our annual Medicare or Medicaid expenses.

John N. Dodgen




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