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‘What Freedom Means to Me’

Richardson is fifth-place Sertoma essay winner

May 2, 2011
Messenger News

By Hailee Richardson

Phillips Middle School

Mr. Newman/

Mr. Hatcher

Fifth Place

$50 Savings Bond

"Give me Liberty or give me death," that is what Patrick Henry said when addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1775. I believe freedom is many things. You could ask many people and probably never get the same answer. Most people wouldn't know how to answer it because they haven't really taken it into consideration. Freedom allows me to be myself. I believe, the best things about being free are getting a good education, living in harmony, and saying what you want without getting killed.

I'm blessed to live in a country where I can get a good education. I'm honored to live in a country where I can pick my future. We can go to school and not get killed for doing so. I read about a country where little girls got acid thrown in their faces, just for going to school. I'm glad that going to school and college is an option for me.

Another thing freedom means to me is, I don't have to live in fear of being bombed or killed. I can walk outside or around town and don't have to be scared because we have amazing soldiers overseas fighting for our freedom and safety. My great-grandpa would be proud to see how far we have come since the war he fought in to help us be free. He is watching over me now, and I know he is proud of our country and what we have done. I don't have to be scared to say my religion and that I'm Christian because we don't all have to be one religion. In other countries, many people are forced to be one religion, and if they're anything different, they can get hurt or even killed. I love how I can be free, but it upsets me that everyone can't have the freedom I do.

Finally, what freedom means to me is, we can say what we want without getting harmed. I can openly discuss with my friends, family, teachers, and peers about anything. I don't have to be embarrassed about being Christian like some people were embarrassed about being a Jew during the Holocaust. If I disagree with what the government is saying or doing, I can talk to people about it and not get killed. Everyone is different, and we all have different rights and morals. I'm glad I can say what I think is right or wrong and no one can force me to change my mind.

In conclusion, freedom isn't something that many people have, and it's often taken for granted. Some people don't realize how much they would miss freedom, until it's gone. I'm proud to be an American and can make my future to be what I want. I can get an education, be happy, and speak my mind and these are just some of the things that make America a great country. That's what freedom means to me.



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