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Stop Diabetes campaign is important to everyone

It’s vital to learn the facts about diabetes and take appropriate action

November 28, 2010
Messenger News

Stop Diabetes is the American Diabetes Association's movement to end the devastating toll that diabetes takes on the lives of millions of individuals across our nation. Its goal is to inspire the general public, volunteers, donors, corporations and the scientific and medical communities to rally around our cause and our call to "share, act, learn and give."

In our community, how can we "share, act, learn and give" to Stop Diabetes?


Share this article with your friends and family.

Tell them about the devastating toll that diabetes takes on the lives of our loved ones. Tell them about the $174 billion that are spent on health care each year to treat blindness, kidney disease, amputations and the many more life changing complications that can come from years of living with diabetes. Share with them your dedication to Stop Diabetes.


Act today by locating the resources in your community. If you have not had a recent physical, do so. Make sure your spouse, parents and children are up-to-date with their medical care as well.


Because diabetes requires constant care Trinity Regional Medical Center has a diabetes education center with two nurses and two dietitians who can provide you all of the knowledge to help you prevent and control the disease. The education you receive at Trinity is a face-to-face, personal approach where you get a plan that fits your individualized needs. Call to make an appointment today for diabetes or pre-diabetes education at 574-6350.


There are opportunities to give both locally and nationally. You can log on to to donate to the American Diabetes Association in order to support research, education and advocacy efforts.

Locally, the TRMC Diabetes Center is looking forward to hosting its sixth annual Swing for a Cure golf outing this summer - 2011. Come enjoy a day with folks from the community. You can volunteer, golf or just come out and enjoy the show.

Over the last five years the event has raised more $40,000. Proceeds go right back to our community by sending children with type 1 diabetes to camp Hertko Hollow and supporting our type 2 population in a variety of ways.

Why Stop Diabetes? Because if we don't, one in three children born in the U.S. today will develop it. For minority children, the statistic is one in two according to http;// Start today, "share, act, learn and give" to Stop Diabetes.

Sarah Marsh is coordinator of the Diabetes Center at Trinity Regional Medical Center.



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