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Dry skin can be a problem this time of year

Here’s some advice from a local dermatologist that will be of help

November 7, 2010
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As the weather cools in October and the humidity decreases, we commonly see more patients with dry skin problems. These can range from having skin that just feels a little "tight" after showering or bathing, to visible scaling of skin, all the way to eczema with patches of redness with scaling or scabbing which may be intensely itchy. Skin is naturally kept moisturized by oil production from the sebaceous glands, which release oil on the skin and hold in the moisture which soaks into the outer layers of skin during washing or bathing. Humans have a significant increase in this oil production during puberty, but after about age 25 they gradually produce less each year, eventually developing dry skin. For this reason, young children and the elderly have the most difficulty with dry skin, but this problem can be seen at any age. Factors which increase water loss in the skin are: hot bath or shower water, use of detergents or soaps, and contact with cleaners and solvents.



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