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YWCA needs cribs; one black cat needs its owner

October 24, 2010
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Finally, our daughter and her husband get to come home for almost a week.

It's time.

Every time my husband sees a young woman with long hair, he says she looks like Dana. Whether she does remains debatable, but Dana's in his head and he sees her everywhere.

I see her on the wall next to our front door every time I go outside. that's where I've put up several of her charcoal drawings.

One of her first drawings in college art class was to be a copy of a photograph, so she chose a picture of herself behind bars in her crib. Her drawing and the photo match quite well, and I love looking at them.

Ann Davidson at the YWCA has a different feeling when she thinks of baby cribs. She needs some. Well, the YWCA does.

"I don't need a million, but I could use three or four good beds," Davidson said. "Right now we have three babies, and we just recently had a baby who's in Des Moines and he'll be coming home soon."

That's right. She said home. Women staying at the YWCA feel as if they're home and treat one another as family. There are 19 women in shelter and 12 children.

"Lots of them are little," Davidson said of the children. "Some of them are in preschool. Some of them go to day care. The women are working on recovery" and getting themselves self sufficient so they can go out in the community.

While four cribs - the pack-and-play is an even better idea, Davidson said, because those are portable - are needed immediately, she said there is always a need for someone to come to the YWCA to read to the children and maybe play not-too-active games with them.

That would be a good community service project - you never know when you'll find something you love to do.

Speaking of finding something, Barbara Fisher, who lives near the high school, found a black cat a couple weeks ago. Rather, the cat found her. Because she had a few cans of cat food in the house, she set some out for the cat because it looked hungry. A few days later, she went outside, and the cat went inside.

Fisher has done everything she can to find the owner, putting ads in the paper and stopping by the animal shelter. She even took the cat to a vet because it coughed. Likely from spending nights outside with cooler fall temperatures.

She said the vet told her the cat is 2 to 3 years old, is neutered and has been declawed. And it looks like a completely black Siamese.

Here's a woman doing all she can to reunite a black cat with its owner. If anyone knows anything about a missing black cat, give me a call.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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