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Help recognize outstanding physicians

Trinity Regional Medical Center will celebrate Doctor’s Day March 30

March 14, 2010
Messenger News

It was on a busy Monday that I received a call from our hospital's Palliative Care Team. A friend I hadn't seen in nearly 10 years asked that I visit him in his hospital room. I nervously took the elevator up to the inpatient unit and walked up to the 73-year-old man's bedside. His eyes welled up with tears and he grabbed my hand to tell me that he had never experienced better care by any other physician in his life. There was one thing he wanted me to do during his last two weeks of life, it was to thank the physician for the extraordinary care, compassion and sincerity.

Both personally and professionally, it was the most fulfilling Monday I had ever experienced in my life. While this physician could have treated my friend as if he were just another patient passing through the hospital, she didn't. This Trinity physician made a difference in a sick man's life, and in turn, gave me all the more reason to believe that she was meant for Trinity, for Fort Dodge and to be my friend. Physicians like the one shared in this story make Trinity the remarkable organization it is today.

Over the last two years, I have had the unique pleasure of working with some of the most talented and amazing individuals I have ever met. As coordinator of provider recruitment at Trinity, it is my shared responsibility to find great physicians, recruit them to our hospital and clinics, and most importantly, invite them to become lifelong citizens of our community and medical staff. While we are very thankful for our physicians every day, Doctor's Day gives us an added platform to say what we want to say in words - anonymously, wholeheartedly and with deep appreciation for all that they do for Trinity, our community and our families.

March 30 marks a very special day in medicine every year - Doctor's Day. It is on this day that doctors all over the world are celebrated. Trinity Regional Medical Center made a special attempt in 2009 to recognize its physicians and this year is no different. This year Trinity welcomes the general public to join the cause and I couldn't be more excited to seek your participation.

The hospital will again hang shining gold stars from the ceiling of the lobby area outside the Trinity Gift Shop with special notes of ''thanks'' posted on them for everyone to see from March 29 through April 12. This year's celebration is open to the general public.

Medicine is a very special calling; one that only few choose to answer and dedicate their lives to. Those who have chosen such a profession understand the exhausting responsibility that goes along with the territory. However, physicians at Trinity greet such responsibility head on and have been the pioneering force that has led to the hospital's tremendous success.

Trinity is a Top 100 Heart Hospital; that's one out of three in the state and one out of 30 community hospitals in the country. Additionally, it is through the leadership and cohesiveness of our collective medical staff that Trinity has been so successful in recruiting new physicians to our community. As difficult as it might have been to cooperatively recruit such wonderful physicians, it is just as vital to find ways to retain them. My hope is that you join me in thanking our physicians for their unending generosity and commitment to us all.

The same format used in 2009 will be used for this year's celebration. All members of the general public are invited to send one or two sentences of thanks or recognition - using the information in the box above - in honor of those physicians who have touched their lives. All notes will remain anonymous and will be posted on gold stars, which will be hung outside the Trinity Gift Shop lobby area for all physicians, employees and the general public to see. After the celebration, the stars will be individually presented to the corresponding physicians.

What makes a great doctor?

A great doctor is curious, cognizant and alert.

A great doctor enjoys his/her patients and possesses an unshakable sense of hope. Take some time to think about what makes your doctor so unique - and then let them know this Doctor's Day how much it means to you.

Visit Trinity Regional Medical Center March 29 through April 12 to find what others are saying about their Trinity physicians.

Andrea Ault is coordinator of provider recruitment at Trinity Regional Medical Center.



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