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American Red Cross seeks local hero nominations

Will honor 10 individuals who performed a courageous act

March 1, 2010
By EMILIE NELSON, Messenger staff writer

The Brushy Creek Area Chapter of the American Red Cross is seeking nominations for its inaugural "Heroes of the Heartland" event.

The new program is designed to honor 10 individuals, each in a different category, who have performed a courageous act, or who go above and beyond in their field of work or organization.

"We always recognize our outstanding volunteers," said Barbara Michaels, executive director of the Brushy Creek Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. "But this is an opportunity to honor our ordinary, everyday citizens who often go unrecognized."

Award recipients will be selected in the categories of fire and rescue, law enforcement, health care, 911 dispatcher, adult good samaritan, youth good samaritan, senior good samaritan, military, community impact and international impact.

"Anyone who knows of someone to be nominated can submit a form," said Michaels. "It can be for anything they've done whether it's someone who goes above and beyond, or someone who has saved a life, called the fire department or done mission work."

The main requirement is that the nominee lives, works or goes to school within the Brushy Creek Area Chapter's jurisdiction of Webster, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas or Wright counties.

Michaels said the awards banquet will be the first of its kind for the Brushy Creek Chapter, but that other chapters have done similar awards.

"The Des Moines chapter does this every year and we thought it would be a neat thing to honor people in our own community," said Michaels.

Michaels said nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of local leaders. Besides the form, each nomination should also include a separate letter explaining why the nominated individual is a hero. Any news articles, police reports or names of individuals who may be contacted to verify a heroic act should also be included as award decisions will be based upon information provided to the committee.

"We're really open to what's nominated," she said. "It's for anyone who is working to enhance the lives of others. It may be a chance to inform our community on things we maybe had no idea about."

Award recipients will be honored April 16 with a luncheon at the Willow Ridge Golf Course.

"It's a nice way to say 'thank you' to local heroes," said Michaels. "We'll have 180 seats available for the lunch and I really hope we can pack the place to capacity."

All nominations must be submitted to the American Red Cross by March 12. Nomination forms can be obtained by contacting the Brushy Creek Area Chapter of the American Red Cross at 576-1911, e-mailing Michaels at or by stopping into the Red Cross office at 900 Central Ave. Suite 26.

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