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Chocolate is good, ‘they’ say, though still full of fat

February 7, 2010
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Just when they tell me chocolate is good for a person, they turn right around and yank the rug away by adding that chocolate is, unfortunately, full of fat and calories.

They, in this case, is Camilla Saulsbury, a freelance food writer and recipe developer and, and, and - she's got a huge long list of reasons why someone should believe what she says.

She's written 10 cookbooks, but the one I like is "Enlightened Chocolate," which starts out: "Eat more chocolate - it's good for you."

That's a mandate anyone can sink her teeth into.

Saulsbury writes: "Clinical research over the past decade increasingly indicates that consumption of antioxidant-rich chocolate and cocoa is associated with health benefits from improved cardiovascular function to reduced bad cholesterol levels to increased alertness."

I'm kind of confused with the part that says "to reduced bad cholesterol levels to increased alertness," but I'm thinking that's just a typo somewhere. The important thing to remember is to eat more chocolate because it's good for you.

To marry the two ideas, Saulsbury pulled together more than 200 recipes that allow chocolate lovers to have their chocolate, but in an enlightened way. Catch that? An enlightened way, hence the name "Enlightened Chocolate." Oh, I do so love it when an idea works, and her idea works.

One of the reasons she says chocolate is good for a body is that it actually lowers blood pressure.

Well, of course it does. Anyone with a big mouthful of chocolate is too mellow to have high blood pressure.

With this cookbook, Saulsbury includes nutritional information for each serving made. A piece of Brownie Bliss Cake, for instance, is 210 calories. A piece of Creme Caramel is 253 calories, and 1 1/2 tablespoons of Chocolate Raspberry Sauce is just 72 calories.

You could easily drizzle the sauce over the cake for an even better blood pressure lowering and not add too many extra calories.

OK, so maybe that's not the intent, but doggone it, it could work.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Too bad you didn't know about "Enlightened Chocolate" earlier so you could have put a big splash on your party table with those recipes.

Speaking of your party table - when your table is full of empty cans and bottles, there's a community service you can provide. Fill a big plastic bag with those cans and bottles, tie it with a pink ribbon and call Nick Pyle to come pick it up.

Pyle, you might remember, is collecting cans and bottles in a "Cans for Cures" effort to raise money for the cancer foundation at Trinity.

He's also looking for a spot somewhere to park a collection trailer or put up a collection bin and promises there would be no mess.

If you have cans and bottles to donate, call Pyle at 227-8831 and he'll put you on a pickup list for Monday.

These pickups will become a monthly thing, he said. That's a good way to get rid of cans and a perfect way to give back to the community.

But, if you somehow have a chocolate can, call me. Chocolate is good for you, doncha know.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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