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Trinity Regional Medical Center to expand programs

2010 will see more community health education and prevention offerings

December 13, 2009
Messenger News

To improve the health of our community - this is the mission statement of Trinity Regional Medical Center. To assist us in accomplishing our mission we offer educational programs that foster wellness and healthy lifestyle choices for all members of the communities served by Trinity Regional Medical Center.

Trinity Healthy Living is proud to introduce Trinity Healthy ''U'' and Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too beginning January of 2010. Formerly known as Dessert with the Docs, Trinity Healthy ''U'' will offer health/prevention educational programming for adults of all ages along with preventive screenings. At the same time Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too will offer health/prevention education programs for children in grades kindergarten through fourth.

''Dessert with the Docs has been a fun and exciting program,'' said Dorothy Griffin, community health nurse for Trinity Healthy Living, ''but we feel we can make a good program even better by adding in appropriate health screens for the different monthly topics as well as expanding the program to educate the younger generation. All ages benefit from health/prevention education and we are proud to offer this expansion of our education program.''

At Trinity Healthy ''U'' adults will learn about a variety of health information and health prevention topics. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in preventive screenings that will be made available at a minimal cost.

Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too is a class just for kids. This program is designed for children from kindergarten through fourth grade and will teach them about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices early in life. Each lesson will consist of an educational segment as well as a physical activity. A parent or guardian must attend Trinity Healthy ''U'' in order for their child to participate in Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too.

At Trinity Regional Medical Center we are as committed to keeping you healthy, as we are to treating you when you are ill. Through Trinity Healthy ''U'' and Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too we hope to reach adults of all ages while beginning to develop healthy lifestyle habits in children. Teaching children healthy habits at an early age benefits them, their families and society.

Fact Box

Trinity Healthy ''U'' schedule

Jan. 11 - "Manage Your Weight" - Teresa Newman, BA, RN, and Sarah Marsh, MS RD LD CDE, will discuss importance of obtaining healthy weight and BMI to prevent chronic disease. Screening: height/weight, BMI, blood pressure. Participants at this event will be set up to participate in a self-monitoring/goal-setting program throughout the year.

Feb. 8 - "You and Your Heart" - An Iowa Heart physician will focus on heart health and ways to obtain healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Screening: cholesterol panel.

March 8 - "Colon Cancer Awareness" Kenneth Adams, D.O., will explain about signs and symptoms of colon cancer, the recommended screening schedule and prevention measures. Screening: colo-rectal kits distributed.

April 12 - "Allergies" - Leopoldo Delucca, M.D., will answer questions about allergies including "What's the cause?" "Why did I develop allergies as an adult? "Why does my child have allergies?" and "When should you be tested for allergies?"

May 10 - "Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention" - Jenny Schreier, PA-C, will explain ways to help prevent osteoporosis and ways to stop progression of the disease. Screening: bone density testing.

June 14 - "Prostate Awareness" - Stephen Piercy, M.D., will discuss signs and symptoms of prostate disorders, prevention and the recommended screening schedule. Screening: PSA (prostate specific antigen blood draw).

July 12 - "UV Safety and Skin Cancer" - Carey Bligard, M.D., will discuss preventive measures to incorporate into your daily life to prevent skin cancer. Participants will learn about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer and when to seek a physician's advice. Screening: skin scan screening.

Aug. 9 - "Immunization Awareness" - Lincoln Wallace, M.D., will explain the importance of seasonal flu vaccinations and ways to prevent the spread of the flu through proper hand washing and cough/sneeze etiquette. Screening: educate where flu vaccine may be obtained in the community.

Sept. 13 - "Foot Health" - Paul Dayton, D.P.M., will explain how to prevent foot problems before they happen and ways to keep feet healthy in order to stay active for life.

Oct. 11 - "Breast Cancer Awareness" - Laura Miegge, M.D. will explain the importance of regular self-examinations, how to perform examinations correctly and the recommended mammogram schedule.

Nov. 8 - "Diabetes Awareness" - Michael Lee, M.D., will explain the difference between type I and type II diabetes. Learn about ways to prevent type II diabetes through healthy a lifestyle. Screening: blood sugar testing.

Dec. 13 - "Healthy Holiday Cooking" - Ellen Lantz, dietitian, will explain how to make holiday meals more nutritious and healthy. Discover techniques to prevent overeating. Demonstration: cooking demonstration performed at education session.

Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too schedule

(For children kindergaren through fourth grade. A parent or guardian must attend Healthy ''U'' while their child/grandchild participates in Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too. Healthy ''U'' Too session facilitated by staff from Trinity Healthy Living Department)

Jan. 11 - "Keeping Fit and Having Fun"

Feb. 8 - "Heart Smart"

March 8 - "Super Smiles"

April 12 - "Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul"

May 10 - Staying Safe - Stranger Danger"

June 14 - '''Jump''' into Spring"

July 12 - "My Skin - Keep it Healthy"

Aug. 9 - "Germ Busters"

Sept.13 - "Smoking Stinks

Oct. 11 - "Happy Healthy Halloween"

Nov. 8 - "S.O.S. - Stop Overloading on Sugar"

For more information about Trinity Healthy ''U'' or Healthy ''U'' Too call Trinity Healthy Living at 574-6433 or 574-6505 or visit at

Recent research by Kenneth E. Thorpe of Emory University, an authority on the cost of treating chronic disease, projects that if current trends continue 103 million American adults will be considered obese by 2018. That would be 43 percent of adults, compared to 31 percent in 2008.

Thorpe concluded that the prevalence of obesity is growing faster than that of any other public health condition in the country's history. Health care costs related to obesity - which is associated with conditions like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease - would total $344 billion in 2018, or more than one in five dollars spent on health care, if the trends continue. If the obesity rate were held to its current level, the country would save nearly $200 billion by 2018, according to the study. More importantly, learning to make healthy lifestyle choices will lead to an improved quality life.

Children learn their lifestyle habits, making it vital for parents/guardians and grandparents to set the right example when it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices. Attending Trinity Healthy ''U'' while your children or grandchildren attend Trinity Healthy ''U'' Too will set the example of making health a priority.

Please plan to join us the second Monday of every month from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Classes are free and will be held on the second floor of the Atrium Tower at Trinity Regional Medical Center. Free Valet parking is available.

Teresa Newman is a registered nurse who is the manager of Trinity Healthy Living.



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