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Visiting daughter won’t take kitchen cupboard stuff

October 25, 2009
By SANDY MICKELSON, Messenger staff writer

Some days it's impossible to stop a silly smile from crawling across my face.

It's been there since last Sunday afternoon when I wrapped my arms around my daughter and held on for a good, long time. She didn't even squirm, bless her heart.

Dana and her husband Jeff and their two horse dogs, Jo Jo and Lilly, came to our house to stay, but she didn't wash the cups and saucers nor shoo the crumbs away. We played. Oh, did we play, and when we got done playing, we slept a few hours and played some more.

That lack of sleep thing really gets me, though, the older I get. Used to be, all I needed was a nap and I could keep on goin' till the last man dropped. Now I'm still up till the end, just not so good at recovering. Which is precisely what makes me look sad when Dana leaves. I'm not sad, I'm tired.

I'm not sad that I get to see her just once a year, if I'm lucky.

I'm not sad that those visits are never longer than a couple days.

I'm not sad that I can't go pick her up for lunch or a movie.

I'm not telling the truth, either.

The older I get, the harder it is to have her so far away in Denver, Colo. What used to be an overnight shot across Nebraska and eastern Colorado has turned into a two-day drive, usually with a stopover at Kearney, Neb. If I have a week, that gives us just three days to play in Colorado, and that's just not long enough. Plus, when we go to Colorado, there are a ton of people we also want to see, so that skinnies up the Dana time even more.

When she's home, she's likely to go browsing through what she calls the shopping district in my home. This year all she came up with was a little pixie devil elf in porcelain and about 3 inches tall. I wanted her to get into the kitchen and start looking through those cupboards.

That seemed too much like work, I guess, because we never made it to the cupboards. But there is a chance I can still get rid of that stuff - drag it straight into a box and drop it off at the YWCA.

I got a note from Ann Davidson the other day. She writes: "We have had a large influx of new residents, many of whom have babies or small children. We need toddler beds, twin beds, twin bed mattresses and twin bedding. If you can help us out, thank you. And, please remember when you are replacing furniture, kitchen items, etc., we provide many of these things to our residents when they move on to their own homes if we have them available."

She said there is storage space available, so they can take whatever you have to give and keep it until it's needed.

"If you know of others who might have items to donate, please mention the YWCA's needs," Davidson said. "We will provide a letter for the IRS recounting your donation. You can place the value on the donation when you turn it in with your taxes."

Maybe if I get involved in finding stuff for the YWCA, I'll forget about missing Dana so much.

Maybe not.

So long friends, until the next time when we're together.

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