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Business competition draws more than 400 to Iowa Central

April 19, 2009
Messenger News

More than 400 juniors and seniors from 20 area high schools took part in the annual Business Competition Day hosted by Iowa Central's Business Department April 7.

The students competed in 25 different individual and team categories and winners received medals and certificates. The experience was about more than competition, however. The students made new friends, explored the campus and met instructors and current students in Iowa Central's Business Department.

Jason Arkland of Southern Cal High School was the recipient of a $500 Business Department Scholarship to Iowa Central.

Business Competition Day results:

Accounting 1-1. Rachel Culp, Newell-Fonda; 2. Karina Overgaard, Newell-Fonda; Alex Draeger, Humboldt; 4. Jeanie Mullen, Newell-Fonda; 5. Kaitlyn Gannon, Eagle Grove; 6. Linsey Williams, East Sac; 7. Steven Anderson, Webster City; 8. Jon Bunger, Humboldt; 9. Abby Hesnard, East Sac; 10. Matt Sassman, Sioux Central.

Business Communications-1. Devin Brown, Humboldt; 2. Anthony Olson, Twin River Valley; 3. Ariel Poldervaart, Twin River Valley; 4. Matt Lawler, Manson Northwest Webster; 5. Daniel Tasley, Jefferson-Scranton.

Business Document Formatting-1. Audrey Davis, Schaller-Crestland; 2. Staci Hansen, Schaller-Crestland; 3. Jenna Harms, Alta; 4. Matt Wunschel, Schaller-Crestland; 5. Natalie Evenson, Fort Dodge.

Business Law-1. Erik Streufert, Southern Cal; 2. Hillari Sanders, Eagle Grove; 3. Becca Meyer, Eagle Grove; 4. Richard Entin, Clarion-Goldfield; 5. Blake McCart, Eagle Grove.

Business Math-1. Abby Hesnard, East Sac; 2. Courtney Van Haaften, Alta; 3. Linsey Williams, East Sac; 4. Andrea Mefferd, Pomeroy-Palmer; 5. Kelsey Fey, Pomeroy-Palmer; 6. Christine Murphy, Pocahontas Area; 7. Megan Crimmins, St. Edmond.

Computer Accounting-1. Jeanie Mullen, Newell-Fonda; 2. Karina Overgaard, Newell-Fonda; 3. Sarah Stoulil, Pocahontas Area; 4. Megan Johnston, Eagle Grove; 5. Rachel Culp, Newell-Fonda.

Computer Objectives-1. Steven Anderson, Webster City; 2. Amy Owens, Webster City; 3. Sebastian Niles, East Sac; Jennifer Van Diest, Webster City; 5. Dan Halterman, East Sac.

Economics-1. Erik Streufert, Southern Cal; 2. Tyler Main, Southern Cal; 3. Cody Schleisman, Southern Cal; 4. Brianna Ehlers, Sioux Central; 5. Samantha McMahon, Fort Dodge.

Graphic Design Promotion-1. Scott Marczewski, East Sac; 2. Holly Anderson, Laurens-Marathon; 3. Leah Cowell, Newell-Fonda; 4. Kelsey Fredricks, Laurens-Marathon; 5. Dallas Kelding, East Sac.

History of American Law Enforcement-1. Derek Roeder, Jefferson-Scranton; 2. Jared Gambrill, Eagle Grove; 3. Hillari Sanders, Eagle Grove; 4. Michelle Fassler, Sioux Central; 5. Blake McCart, Eagle Grove.

Human Relations Skills-1. Patrick Tecklenburg, Humboldt; 2. Jason Haselhuhn, Humboldt; 3. Kelcy Koenig, Sioux Central; 4. Anna Madison, Humboldt; 5. Chelsey Hamilton, Humboldt.

Internet Treasure Hunt-1. Sioux Central (Jeremy Lansink, Rhonda Proper); 2. Southern Cal (Tyler Main, Cody Schleisman); 3. Pomeroy-Palmer (Jessie Eichelberger, Jill Erickson).

Introduction to Business-1. Erik Streufert, Southern Cal; 2. Jessica Taylor, Alta; 3. Molly Neese, Eagle Grove; 4. Stephanie Peterson, Alta; 5. Samantha McMahon, Fort Dodge.

Introduction to Computers-1. Megan Snyder, East Sac; 2. Branson Rush, Humboldt; 3. Adam Bengtson, East Sac; 4. Brandon Schoon, Manson Northwest Webster; 5. Megan Oakes, Jefferson-Scranton.

Job Seeking Skills-1. Krista Schealler, Sioux Central; 2. Laura Tweed, Jefferson-Scranton; 3. Dillon Waters, Schaller-Crestland; 4. Larissa Coats, East Sac; 5. Brady Rebhuhn, Sioux Central.

Keyboarding Pro-1. Jake Syndergaard, Alta; 2. Krista Schealler, Sioux Central; 3. Staci Hansen, Schaller-Crestland; 4. Alexandra Krause, Sioux Central; 5. Steven Mason, Schaller-Crestland; 6. Jenna Harms, Alta; 7. Jacob Ludwig, Schaller-Crestland; 8. Matthew Wunschel, Schaller-Crestland; 9. Chelsea Clayton, Schaller-Crestland; 10. Rebekka Weber, Alta.

Marksmanship-1. Cody Johnson, Humboldt; 2. Steven Mason, Schaller-Crestland; 3. Scott Ahrens, Clarion-Goldfield; 4. Bradlee Clark, Eagle Grove; 5. Cavell Kuchenreuther, Newell-Fonda.

Office Calculators-1. Kassie Atwood, Twin River Valley; 2. Andrew Mueller, Newell-Fonda; 3. Rachel Culp, Newell-Fonda; 4. Emily Vonderhaar, Humboldt; 5. Matt Todd, Sioux Central.

Office Procedures-1. Lindsey Peterson, Alta; 2. Jenna Kirsch, Humboldt; 3. Brandon Schoon, Manson Northwest Webster; 4. Ashley Renwanz, Jefferson-Scranton; 5. Ben Stevens, Alta.

Parliamentary Procedures-1. Tyler Smith, Laurens-Marathon; 2. Kristin Fertig, East Sac; 3. Ali Ohden, East Sac; 4. C.J. Peters, Pomeroy-Palmer; 5. Ray Wedeking, Schaller-Crestland.

PC Component Identification-1. Colby Draeger, Webster City; 2. Cameron Geis, Webster City; 3. Benny Doerksen, Sioux Central; 4. Cavell Kuchenreuther, Newell-Fonda; 5. Matt Sassman, Sioux Central.

The Rule of Law-1. Justin Beauvais, Eagle Grove; 2. Jared Gambrill, Eagle Grove; 3. Derek Roeder, Jefferson-Scranton; 4. Abby Hesnard, East Sac; 5. Colin Martin, East Sac.

Vocabulary and Spelling-1. Linsey Williams, East Sac; 2. Brandon Rush, Humboldt; 3. Karina Overgaard, Newell-Fonda; 4. Sebastian Niles, East Sac; 5. Alex Draeger, Humboldt; 6. Rhonda Proper, Sioux Central; 7. Amy Owens, Webster City; 8. Richard Entin, Clarion-Goldfield; 9. Cavell Kuchenreuther, Newell-Fonda; 10. Alyssa Engelke, Alta.

Web Design Team-1. Laurens-Marathon (Holly Anderson, Kelsey Fredricks); 2. Newell-Fonda (Leah Cowell, Jami Georgiades); 3. East Sac (Phil Bedel, Adam Bengtson, Brian Marczewski, Tanner Schelle).

Word Processing-1. Andrew Mueller, Newell-Fonda; 2. Amanda Zylstra, Laruens-Marathon; 3. Jenna Harms, Alta; 4. Staci Hansen, Schaller-Crestland; 5. Reuben Wenell, Laurens-Marathon.



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