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Presidential writing contest

April 13, 2009
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U.S. President: Take Control

By Sam Lenz

Tenth grade,

Humboldt High School

Winner of nine through 12th division

You hear it every day from one of those little types running around on the playground. "If I were president, I wouldn't make anyone go to school and have free ice cream every day!" Most of us may laugh at this, knowing it is just a child being a child. The question here is why do we laugh? What if a president decided to free children from the prison they know as school or gave them free ice cream every day? What would be wrong with that? The answer is that a president is simply more important that that. A president is a leader, a role model, and a protector to everyone in out great and admirable country. He has people to keep safe and a country to run. He can't waste his time on children's wishes. The president takes care of everything in the United States.

Just this year, Barack Obama was sworn in as president, and is already showing himself to be a great leader. He has taken control nicely, and the transaction has been about as smooth as it can get. Things are getting taken care of, and the Bush era is slowly beginning to lose its grip on America. By raising the high-income citizens' taxes and lowering the low-income citizens', the economy may end up getting better in the next few years. While we can't just sit back and let Obama do everything himself, he knows how to lead a country. It just takes a little cooperating and support from the people, which brings me to my next point.

With the president having all the power he does, he must sit high and mighty in his big chair all day, correct? Not exactly. In order to be the president, you also have to have great people skills. Nothing says, "I don't have the guts to lead a country," than a president who can't connect or talk to people from any class or location. He must be understanding, and able to connect with his people. Obama still goes to events with the middle class, such as his daughter's basketball games, as you've probably heard on the news recently. Yes, in order to be a successful leader, you can't just hole up in your office all day. Get out there and meet your people.

By taking control, Obama has shown much of American that he means business, but he also has shown that he is a normal person just like anyone else, which is something I think many presidents lacked. This means a lot to me, because I feel like he knows how we feel, and I think he's willing to change that. It will take support and effort, but the majority of the weight rests on his shoulders. I think that American can feel safe under him, because he shows the qualities that every president should have: being a good leader, role model, and protector. He's a man who likes what he does and is passionate about his ideas for the future.

Being elected the president is a big responsibility, and I think that many people don't understand that. It takes guts and determination to be the leader of a country. You have to be firm, strict, and confident in yourself, but you also need to show the people that you can connect with them and be their friend as well. The president has to take control and not mess around, but also be a good person and set a good example for everyone under his protection. This is what a president is and should be.

What a President Means to Me

By Kelsey Schott

Phillips Middle School, seventh grade

Winner of seventh through eight division

What is a president? What makes a good president? How does the president help Americans? These are all very important questions. When the presidential election was going on, I was very annoyed by all the campaign ads. Now I feel safe and happy. Why, may you ask? I am glad Barack Obama is the president. He took action right away.

A president doesn't necessarily rule American, but rather, is the voice of the people in America. The president is one of us. He grew up and just like us, had to deal with everything we have to deal with, but is just a lot higher up then most Americans. A president has to make decisions for us and with us. He makes them for us because we can't change and do everything, and with us because he knows what we are dealing with.

A good president must be willing to deal with the worst. They must be prepared at all times, for everything really. They must keep their head held high, to show everyone American can come through anything, whether it is war, economic crisis, or anything else that may come our way. A president is someone who everyone should look up to. We should be proud of our president and believe in everything he does.

A president helps all Americans by, like I said, making the big decisions, doing what's right for Americans, but especially, letting America be heard and let us do what needs to be done in the world. I know I am only 13, but Barack Obama is a really good president in my mind. He has taken action right away. I think that in the next four years of his presidency, he will do what needs to be done to make America better for all Americans.

What is a President?

By Angela Wu

Sixth grade, Fair Oaks

Winner of fifth through sixth division

What is a president? The chief officer of an organization. A president can be any gender or race. However, I think a president should also have strong leadership, a sense of perspective, strong political, strategies so they can "connect" with the people, and a variety of positive human qualities. The president should know how it feels to work hard in order to reach goals and to be able to make informed, but not careless, decisions quickly. A president should also have balance between family and work, and should also make at least one substantial improvement in the world or country. To me, President Barack Obama is a good role model of these qualities.

One of the important qualities Barack Obama has is living a balance between family and work. He gives more love to his daughters because during the campaign he spent less time with them. Yet, he still wants to give them the same affection he did before he ran for President. During January 5, 2009, his daughter's school was about to begin. However, he wasn't in his presidency and he didn't have a place to stay yet. His daughters didn't have to go to school; they could've just waited a couple of days before going back. Instead, he found a place to stay at a military school and had his children go to school. He wants his children to have a better life when they grow up. This is an example that all children should apply because one day you could have nothing but be left with your knowledge.

What are some things Obama has done to impact the world or country? Since Obama has only been in his presidency for roughly three months, he hasn't done much in so little time. However, he is trying to get four days instead of five days of school, which I think is a good idea if he extends school hours a little longer for the four days. Since he wasn't a wealthy child when he was young, he is now directing more money to children who need help. But, since Obama is president, I think people should look up to the United States because we are all united and it doesn't matter which race you are but you can be president (as long as you reach the benchmarks to be a president). As President Barack Obama had said, "There is not a Black America and a White America; there's the United States of America."

Obama has put a sense of perspective in me, that if you reach for the stars and work hard, you'll succeed in the end. He's also made me think about being caring and generous to everybody. It doesn't matter how small you are, you can always make a difference in the world. Plus, you can always dream BIG. When he gives his time to his family, it makes me want to be a good parent who cares about the children's education. Also, when he gives his children perspective in learning, it's inspired me to be a better student and take advantage of the knowledge I have and what others don't. So, if President Obama hadn't made it to his presidency, I would have never respected the things I do now.

So if you were to put all of these qualities together you would get a great, successful president. As Obama said, "It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are today, but we have just begun. Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today." If we didn't have presidents, our country would be disastrous. So my definition for a president is having a kind heart with limits, but to also have a series of good qualities. Barack Obama represents all of these good qualities of an ideal president.



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